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1 Night in Bangkok

From Singapore we decided to go to Bangkok. The last time I was here was in 1998. So this trip was 9 years after.
The Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok is very modern and HUGE! It is a very big step up from the Don Muang Airport. From the Airport we got a taxi to bring us to our hotel, the Pathumwan Princess Hotel (Located beside the MBK Mall).

Suvarnabhumi Airport
It was still to early so we left our bags with the Concierge. While we were walking outside the hotel, a TukTuk driver approached us and told us where we were going, so we told the driver that we were going to a Mall to eat. He told us to follow him to his TukTuk, so we went with him and we were brought to a Huge Place, and it turned out to be a Handicrafts Center! After that he brought us to a Jewellry Center, on the 3rd Jewellry Center we told him to just bring us back to MBK, but he pleaded with us, even if it was just 5 minutes that we go inside so he can get a Petrol Coupon. Oh well, we just agreed with him and after that h…

Bollywood (Singapore)

When you hear or see the word Bollywood you would think of India and its Film Industry and when you think of a Farm you would not think of Singapore. But in Singapore, there exists a place called "Bollywood" and it is also a Farm. 
I never thought that a City State like Singapore had farms, but there are. Located in the Kranji Countryside, Bollywood stands out in Singapore. I had a fun day exploring the farm and seeing all the Fruits and Vegetables they grow.

Bollywood is owned by Mrs Ivy Singh Lim and Mr Lim Ho Seng. It is a 10 acre Farm located at 100 Neo Tiew Road, Kranji Countryside, Singapore. Open Wednesday to Sundays 9am to 6pm.

Taal, Batangas