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Bicol Trip (December 3-5,2011)

We Arrived at T3 645am. After Parking the Pick-Up (we were lucky that a car left when we arrived) we then Proceeded to the Check In Counter for Legazpi City (could not find the web check in counter). Seats assigned to us were 4E (EPC) and 4F (VDM). After check in we paid terminal fee of P200 each. By 7am we were finished with the Security Check. We had Breakfast at Let's Chow. Ordered Tausi with Spare Ribs and Fried Rice (P340)
After breakfast we proceeded to Gate 119 to wait for Boarding. Boarding delayed to 830 (supposed to be 810). Take Off at 9am and arrived 940am (the flight was time was just 35 minutes so even if boarding was delayed the plane landed on time)
We took a taxi to Santo Domingo (Fare P350.00) We then dropped off the gifts at the Gregorio House then went to Sto Domingo de Guzman Church. We Took a tricycle from the Church (P30 Fare) to the bus/jeepney stop to Tabaco (1045am). Boarded Jeep at 1050am (P20 each) and arrived in Tabaco City at 1130. Went to the Church…