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Macau and Hongkong Vacation

Our Room at the Venetian Hotel and Casino

I think this is the Hotel Owned by Jackie Chan

The Goddess of Mercy Statue

The Ruins of Saint Paul

This is where we had our Breakfast on our last day in Macau. Foggo Samba, an all you can eat Buffet. Delicious!

My Singapore based Sister M and her Family were going to Macau so we decided to join them. Our Macau Trip was from September 4-6. With a 6 Hour Stop Over in HongKong (Pal changed their Macau Schedules so PAL rerouted our Ticket to HongKong and gave us Cotai Jet Tickets from the Taipa Ferry Terminal in Macau to HongKong, Our Schedule became Manila-Macau-Hongkong-Manila). Here is what happened on our Trip.
Day 1 September 4 The usual Check In at Airport and waiting for Boarding. Upon arrival at Macau's Airport i noticed that their Airport is quite small. After exiting, we looked for the Shuttle to take us to the Venetian. The distance from the Airport to the Venetian was probably just around 5 Minutes. The Venetian from a Distance looked Mas…