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Sulyap Gallery

Batangas Altar Table with Lamps, Santos on top

A Four Poster Canopy Bed

An Antique Baby Crib
Facade of Sulyap Cafe

Yesterday we went to Sulyap Gallery and Cafe in San Pablo Laguna. I had been looking for this Gallery for months now. The last time I went to San Pablo, I asked the owner of Casa San Pablo if he knew where Sulyap Gallery is, he was dumbfounded, he admitted that he did not know where it was. So we just looked for it, but alas we had a hard time looking for it despite asking the people where it was. Finally, we found it, the sign going to it was so small that you will not notice it unless you were really paying attention to all the signs that you will pass by.

The Sulyap Cafe was housed in a small Bahay na Bato. From the looks of it, it was newly constructed but attention to detail was painstakingly observed. From the design, to the furnishings, to the windows it was all Antique style. After ordering our Lunch, we asked the waiter if we can look at the building in front, the hum…