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Vienna, Austria

A Country that I had always dreamed of going to, Austria. And that Dream became a Reality when we decided to make a Stopover to Vienna on October 16, 2006. After our Spain and Portugal Vacation. We stayed in a Very Hotel in the Heart of Vienna, though the Room was very small, our stay was very pleasant. The staff of the Hotel were very pleasant. In Austria, we visited the Palace of the Hapsburgs's, The Schonbrunn Palace. Though much smaller than the Versailles, it was more Charming. It did not look as formal as the Versailles, it had an air of Classic Elegance accentuated with beautiful gardens which added to its Appeal. I also had an enjoyable time browsing at the many Art Works for sale at the Dorotheum. We also Visited a lot of Museums in Vienna. It was just a 1 night and 2 day stay in Vienna, but definitely worth it.

Stockholm, Sweden

If Finland was a Pleasant Experience, Sweden on the other hand was a Horrible one! Stockholm did not register very good with me. I cant say about the other places in Sweden, but my friend who lives in Sweden told me that Stockholm is different. (thanks to the Crappy Service of the Pensionat Odin).
Entrance to the Pensionat Odin is thru an Electronic Door. Upon Check In, the Man in the front desk was cold, unfriendly, rude. A word of advice to travellers going to Stockholm, never ever consider this Pension. We even had a hard time entering the Pension everytime we went out. The man at the reception did not tell us that the code was in the Key Chain!!
Anyway, we toured the following in Stockholm. Their National Museum, filled with all sorts of treasures, paintings, works of art. Then we also had a canal tour. And also a tour of the Old City. Stockholm is a charming old city, our stay would have been very pleasant if not for the Rude Hotel Staff.

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Oulu, Finland

I had never been to Finland, but the chance to go there was there so I decided to go and Visit Hilkka (Where I got my Chihuahuas from) to personally bring Toby (My Friend Martin's Multi Champ Chihuahua who he wants to be shown in Europe). I went there with my Nanay who was very willing to go with me. Here is what happened on our Trip.
Day 1 October 4,2006 The Usual Check In at the Airport, since we were bringing Toby with US we went earlier than Usual. The Check In Guy was kind enough to give us 2 Seats located near the Lavatory (Just In case Toby needs to do his stuff too). Though we did not ask for the seat, he probably knows that with us having a dog with us, some passengers (who do not like dogs) who will be seated beside us might feel uncomfortable. Since I had a Diners Club card, we had access to the Club Manila Lounge. There was food and drinks available and all for free. And best of all there were private showers, so I brought Toby inside one of the showers so he can do his …