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Everything At Steak

Just had a very Late Lunch at Everything at Steak in San Juan. Ordered the T Bone Steak in Original Marinade with Pepper Gravy, partnered with the Twice Baked Potatoe and Rice. The Steak was cooked Medium Well. It was tender and juicy and was already tasty even without the Gravy. Finished everything except the rice which tasted like it was burned even though it did not look like it. "Sent via BlackBerry from Smart"

Mang Vic's Bulalohan

This is a Bulalohan located along the Marikina-Infanta Road (Marcos Highway). This is at the Antipolo Part of the Highway, in Barangay Mayamot. Just Right After the Bridge.
This Bulalohan is very famous with Bikers. They have a Tarpaulin Inside which looked like it was given to them by a Biker Group. When we arrived for lunch yesterday, the place was packed! While the Bulalohan beside it had Zero Customers (Mang Vic's Bulalohan is the Original here).
We ordered the Bulalo, Inihaw na Manok and Liempo. Their Bulalo does not have any Vegetables but the BEEF is served in generous portions! The beef is fresh and very tender, the broth is very tasty (BETTER than Bulalo's in Tagaytay) and priced at just P65.00!! Who can go wrong with that Price, and compared with the Php 150-300 Price at Restaurants. The Inihaw na Manok and Liempo were a bit Cold but was good.
If you are looking for a Cheap and Delicious meal in Antipolo, or if you happen to go to Infanta, Tanay, Laguna via this Road, …

Ground Zero Pizza Lucban

I usually do not like Pan Pizza but this Pizza from Lucban is an exception. It is Ground Zero Pizza. Their store is located in the Center of Lucban, just across Dealo Koffee Klatch. I ate the pizza when it was cold, it was already good. When i toasted it, it was even better.
This is another reason which will make me go back to Lucban.

Garmin GPS

I just recently purchased a Garmin NAVI 205W GPS. It really works! And during our CALABARZON trip it was a HUGE Help. It correctly told us where to turn left or right. The GPS will provide the quickest route to your destination, and you do not have to worry if ever you change directions as the Garmin Navi will recalculate the changes and provide another route.
All travellers should have one of these.

Philippine Church- Saint Louis (Lucban,Quezon)

This church was first built in 1593 but ruined in 1629. The 2nd Church was built between 1630 and 1640. Seriously damaged by fire in 1738. The Church was partially destroyed during WW2 and reconstructed in 1966.

Dealo's Merengue

The main reason why I wanted to go back to Lucban is because of Dealo's Merengue. The merengue I bought last week was not enough and I wanted more. My sister M laughed as to why I wanted to go to Lucban. When she tasted Dealo's Merengue she agreed with me that it was the best. My Nanay also agreed and kept on asking for more.

1 Full Cup costs P70.00, bit pricey but worth it! We also bought a different brand, Ven's, but Dealo's was still the best. The 70pesos price for a cup is justified, it is Melt In Your Mouth Merengue and 1 is not enough
Ven's Meringue, also made in Lucban. Good, but not as good as the one from Dealo This costs just P55.00 for a Pack of 8

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Lucban, Quezon

Lucban is a 2nd Class Municipality in Quezon Province. It rests on the foothills of Mt Banahaw. It is famous for the Pahiyas Festival which is held every May 15th. Houses and Buildings in Lucban are covered in Colorful Kiping during this Festival.

Mount Banahaw, as seen from the road before entering Lucban Town Proper

Monument to Jose Rizal. Patio Rizal Hotel behind it.

Pavino's Bakery, just in front of Jose Rizal's Monument

Lucban Town Hall, this is in front of the Jose Rizal Monument

The Church of Saint Louis
Monument located at the side of the Church of Saint Louis

Famous Eatery in Lucban, packed full when we went there
This is Buddy's, Lucban's most celebrated Restaurant. Already has branches in Metro Manila
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I never thought that our trip today will turn out to be a Calabarzon Trip. We were just supposed to go to Quezon and Batangas, but on the way we passed by Laguna, Cavite and Rizal too! We first went to Lucban in Quezon with the sole reason of buying Merengue at Dealo. After that it was off to Sta Cruz and finally to Lian our last destination.
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Basyang's Fury

Tuesday night, Tropical Storm Basyang leashed her fury on Metro Manila. Winds strong enough to bring down grown trees, electrical posts and billboards pounded Metro Manila and knocked down electricity. Electricity at our place was restored around 10pm, almost a day without electricity. Let us hope that no more typhoons stronger than Basyang will hit the country "Sent via BlackBerry from Smart"

Banaue-Sagada Trip

We went on a Banaue-Sagada Trip way back in 2007. It was only recently when I was able to find the pictures of that trip (I thought I had lost all the pictures). Our trip was from February 7-10,2007. And it was an adventure of a lifetime. I hope I can go back to Banaue and Sagada soon.

The very famous Rice Terraces of Batad
The Hanging Coffins of Sagada. This is where they place their dead instead of in cemeteries.

The Yoghurt House in Sagada

Dealo Koffee Klatch Lukban

Everytime we are in Lukban, Quezon we never fail to buy something, or eat at Dealo Koffee Klatch. Their foor here is affordable and delicious. Their specialty here is the Pancit Lukban (the best i have tasted!) and Longaniza. Their Broas and Meringue are my favorites. The meringue just melts in your mouth. They have 2 types of Meringue, the one in plastic pouches and the other one served in plastic cups, the one in plastic cups is just unforgettable! I wish I bought more of their meringue.
We passed by here, on the way home from our Crazy Camarines Norte Day Trip.

This is the building of Dealo Koffee Klutch
Historical Marker of the Dealo Koffee Klutch Building.
Dealo Koffee Klatch
Baked Goodies of Dealo

Pancit Lukban
The goodies i bought at Dealo
Dealo Koffee Klatch is located at 72 Quezon Avenue, Lucban Quezon. Their website is

Camarines Norte Day Trip

My Best Buddy/Driver M and I just came from another Crazy Day Trip. This time we went to the Gateway to Bicolandia, Camarines Norte. Below is the Itinerary of this Crazy Trip.
Time of arrival at Towns and Cities on the Route to Daet are also detailed. No Stops in between places unless otherwise noted. We ran on the average 120.
1:50am - Left house for Daet, We were supposed to leave at 3AM but M called me at 1:30am to say that we should leave early.
2:12 Alabang
2:26 We Arrive at the last SLEX Toll Gate, paid Php87.00 (from C5)
2:38 Sto Tomas Batangas
2:40 Stop at Vulcanizing Shop to have the Tires checked and pressure balanced
2:46 Continue Trip
2:56 Alaminos
3:02 San Pablo City
3:11 Tiaong
3:23 Candelaria
3:38 Sariaya
3:50 Lucena
4:15 Quezon National Park
4:28 Atimonan
4:49 Gumaca
5:05 Lopez
5:17 Calauag

This is in Calauag
5:20 Full Tank at Caltex Calauag Php 1404
5:47 Daet Tagkawayan Junction
5:58 Sta Elena, Camarines Norte

I cannot remember if this is in Sta Elena town, but it most pro…