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Early Yoghurt Fix at Pancake House

Had a Sansrival Yoghurt Grit at Pancake House this morning. It was delicious!! I had it before my Steak Breakfast. By the time I had already finished the Yoghurt, I felt my tummy rumbling a but??!! My tummy does not usually react with Yoghurt, so I really do not know what caused it, could it have been the nuts??!! the Caramel syrup?? or the sansrival wafer?? Anyway, I will definitely try their Yoghurt again next time.

Exciting Thursday

It will be another relaxing thursday for me. We will be going to Singapore for the weekend! And what is more exciting is that we will be taking Singapore Airlines this time! Time just flys by whenever I take Singapore Airlines to Singapore. Their Entertainment System is just Top Notch, so many Movies to choose from.
Aside from flying with Singapore Airlines, I will be able to use the Lounge again! So no need to eat breakfast anywhere!!

Travel Pictures from the Past - Paris, France

Notre Dame Cathedral
The Musee D'Orsay

La Defense

Eiffel Tower
I have been given the privilege to visit France for 2x. The first was in 1998 and the second in 1999. On both occasions I was alone by myself. The first trip in 1998 was for 2 weeks while the one in 1999 was for 3 months! I studied the French Language and lived with a French Family at the 15th Arrondisement.

It was an experience I will never forget. I visited almost all the notable places in Paris, the Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, La Defense, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur, and more. Aside from Paris, I also went to Versailles, Aix-En-Provence, Marseilles, Nice, Eze and to the tiny Principality of Monaco (which I will feature seperately).
I think the digital camera was not yet invented at that time, or if there was, it was probably too exepensive. Anyway, I hope someday, that I will go back to France. There are still so many places that I want to visit and re visit again.

Lunch at Happy Delicious Kitchen

Had lunch at Happy Delicious Kitchen today. This is a Fast Food style Restaurant in Binondo. You choose from already cooked foods. We availed of the 130Peso Special. This is 1 Main dish and 2 side dishes plus a cup of rice. Food is nice, fresh tasting. The 130 Peso Special is worth it. Next time, will try their other dishes.

Late Lunch at Bulawan

Just came from Bulawan Restaurant. Food as usual was the best. This time we tried the beef kaldereta, it had a note beside it which said "subukan niyo" so we ordered it. We also ordered pritong dalag, chili garlic shrimp, inihaw na talong and a pitcher of buko juice to gulp all the food down. I was supposed to order the Lapu-Lapu with Leeks and Ginger but the Waiter advised us that it will take some time and that the LapuLapu was frozen. The beef kaldereta was a surprise, it was delicious! It even had Olives, something which you wont see usually in Kaldereta served in Restaurants. The added cheese to the kaldereta also added some kick. Yum Yum!

Philippine Church- Cathedral of San Diego Alcala (Gumaca,Quezon)

The Cathedral of San Diego Alcala in Gumaca is the biggest and oldest church in Quezon Province. It was built in 1852.

Philippine Church- St James the Great (Betis, Pampanga)

The Philippine Church is an Important Place of Worship in the Philippines. It is the Center of a Town or City. And this is where people congregate not just to pray, but also to socialize with each other. So, I from now on I will start to feature a Church which I have visited. Let us start with the Church of Saint James the Great located in Barangay Betis, Guagua, Pampanga.
This church was first built on May 2,1572 with light materials by Augustinian Father Fernando Pinto. The church is now listed as a National Cultural Treasure. The walls including the ceiling are adorned with murals by Simon Flores and by the father and son team of Macario and Jose Ligon.

San Miguel Building

Currently here at San Miguel's building at Ortigas. My nanay has some business about her stocks. I pass by this building almost everyday but it was only today that I got inside their compound. You would be greeted by a man made pond when you enter. The SMC building is an arcitectural gem in Ortigas. Its design based on rice terraces is a sight to behold beside the uber tacky megamall. Despite the relatively advanced age of the SMC building, it still stands out and in my opinion it will and still will for many more years.

Padre Garcia Livestock Market

Padre Garcia Town

The Entrance to the Livestock Market

Our Carabao, 7 Year Old Female from Albay

Inside the Livestock Market
Around 3AM, we arrived at the Padre Garcia Livestock Market in Padre Garcia town in Batangas. There are already a lot of people. We were immediately welcomed by a Batangeno who asked us what we were looking for. We were looking for a Carabao since our Carabao at the Farm (Marimar and Sabina) drowned during the Storm Ondoy as claimed by the Ex Caretaker LD. We were brought inside the Livestock Market to look at the Carabaos. Our Caretaker Manong VL looked at the Carabaos since he was the one who knew about Carabaos. I knew nothing about Carabaos so i just waited for Manong LV's verdict. Manong LV together with L and M looked at the Carabaos offered for sale. Finally we decided on a 7 Year Old Female Carabao which came all the way from Albay!! We paid P36,000.00 for the Carabao. I do not know if it was expensive or not, since the people there know that we were not…