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Villa Elma-Hidden Gem of Lucban (Lucban, Quezon)

Villa Elma is a private Resort in Lucban, Quezon owned by former Justice and PCGG Chairman Magdangal Elma. You need to be invited if you want to get inside.
Villa Elma is said to be 70 Hectares. It Includes the Mountains and Hills surrounding the property. The water source of Lucban passes through Villa Elma. So, Villa Elma has an endless supply of Clean and Fresh Water.

Cafe Mediterranean ~ A Taste of Greek Food (Newport Mall, Pasay City)

Cafe Mediterranean is a Restaurant/Cafe specializing in Greek Food. We had a Merienda/Late Lunch here the other day while waiting for the Green Hornet to be shown.
We ordered the Beef Gyro Plate with Pita Bread and the Chicken Gyro Plate with Rice. I simply loved my Beef Gyro plate. It was definitely not enough and how i wished to order another plate but the Green Hornet was already calling. I also ordered an order of Fried to go with my Beef Gyro.
Service here was fast, friendly and efficient. 

Krung Thai Restaurant ~ Authentic Thai Resto (Marikina City)

Whenever we are in Marikina and we want Thai Food or if we are Hungry we always go to Krung Thai. This Thai Restaurants is way way better than other “Thai” Restaurants which are way Over Hyped. Always on our list of “Need To Order” are the following, Tom Yum, Bagoong Rice and Krung Thai Fried Chicken. The taste here is Authentic Thai, and why not, since it is a Thai who cooks the food. Their Tom Yum Soup did not scrimp on SeaFoods. The All Shrimp Tom Yum likewise did not scrimp on Shrimp. This is a definite must everytime you eat here. Their bagoong rice is also delicious. For Authentic tasting Thai Food, this is the place to go to and you will not be disappointed.