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Cafe Ysabel's Lengua de Gato

Yesterday when i was in PureGold QI i got a jar of Cafe Ysabel's Lengua de Gato. A Jar costs P248.

Last night my Mother got hungry and asked for the Lengua de Gato. She was disappointed. Thinking that she maybe just in one of her finnicky moods i said to myself that i will taste it tomorrow. 
This morning i tasted it and i must say it is a Disappointment. I dont know if what i bought was already old, but i was really disappointed. I hope Cafe Ysabel can improve their Lengua. 

SoSizz (Manila)

We were on our way to Bambang, Manila when we saw this restaurant in Dapitan corner Dela Fuente. My sister said she would try it later but we ended up at Sosizz again because of all the 1 way streets so we decided to give it a try.

Sosizz is located in an Antique House. They converted the entire ground floor to a restaurant. The 2nd floor looks in need of repair though. 

We ordered their pork chop and fried chicken. After a few minutes our orders arrived.

I do not know what the chicken tastes but my pork chop was delicious. The gravy was good, the veggies cooked just right, the rice too was good. And for just P85.00 this is a must try.
Sosizz is located at Dapitan Street corner Dela Fuente, Sampaloc, Manila.

Makati Supermarket Cafe (Unimart, San Juan)

I have been to Unimart countless of times and it was only today that i got to eat at Makati Supermarket Cafe. 

We ordered the Pasta and Hamburger Steak (245) and Palabok (105).
The Palabok got served first. Before it was served, a girl at the other table asked for Patis and Calamansi, she said the Palabok was bland. The Palabok was indeed bland but it was okay for me.

The Pasta and Hamburger Steak was served after a few minutes. The pasta was sweet. The hamburger steak SoSo. At 245 its not worth it. 

Cafe Via Mare (Landmark, Makati)

The last time i ate at Via Mare was AGES ago. It was probably during my high school days, almost 20 years ago. 
We ordered their Crispy Binagoongan plus take out of Lomi and Puto Bumbong. 
The Crispy Binagoongan is simply lechon kawali (fried to perfection!) with vegetables (looks like pinakbet) with Mangga and Bagoong.

I enjoyed the dish. It was simple yet delicious. Their bagoong at Via Mare is delicious. Maybe next time will try their kare-kare.
Also ordered Puto Bumbong which i will eat this evening

Kyochon (Megamall)

We just had lunch at Kyochon in MegaMall. I had no idea what this restaurant was until this morning when my sister told me to buy her Chicken Wings from Kyuchon.

There were a lot of diners when we arrived. We were ushered to a table for two. Unlike Bon Chon which is pay as you order they are order then pay when finished.
I ordered the Combo 1 (P549) which consisted of 10 pcs chicken, salad, 2 rice and 2 drinks. Then take out of 5 pcs original wings (P149) and 5 pcs honey wings (P149).
Our order arrived after a few minutes. First to be served was the salad which was just a small plate of lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes drizzled with a violet sauce.

Then after we finished the salad our Chicken arrived. Kyochon's Chicken is similar in taste to BonChon's and Chicken Charlies. I really cannot tell which is better since all taste the same. All 3 chicken are addictive and 1 is not just enough.

While waiting for our bill, a group arrived outside. I think they were a bloggers group. They were…

CaliBurger (Century Mall, Makati)

Yesterday Afternoon we went to CaliBurger in Century Mall. They say CaliBurger tastes like In n Out (havent tasted this yet so i have no idea if it does taste the same).

We ordered the Set B. Which included a burger, fries and milkshake.
After few minutes of waiting. Our order was available for pick up.

Based on the burger, i find nothing special about it. There are a lot of other burgers out there which are better. Their milkshake is nothing to brag about either.  The fries were okay but nothing which other stores have. Overall their food is okay but nothing that will make you go back for.
CaliBurger is located at Century City Mall in Makati

Next Door by North Park (Makati)

We were supposed to eat at North Park but it was still closed when we arrived this morning. The guard pointed us to Next Door which is also owned by North Park.

We ordered their Chicken Congee, Hainan Rice and Almond Jelly with Lychee.
Congee is as usual delicious. Their congee here has just the right amount of consistency. Not too watery like other congee.

The hainan chicken meanwhile was bland. And so was the ginger.

For dessert, the Almond Jelly was a welcome treat in this Super Hot Weather.

Next Door is located along Makati Avenue, Makati. They also have other branches in Metro Manila.

The Cinemas at Century City Mall (Makati)

Makati's newest Mall, the Century City Mall, has 4 Cinemas. All have plush seats which can recline a bit and also has arm rests with cup holders.

Their Cinemas are small compared to other Cinemas but i like it that way. Their Toilets are rather small too but very clean.

Hong Kong Noodles & Dimsum House (Different Branches)

We just came from HK Noodles & Dimsum House and i must say their food is good. We ordered their Chicken Feet, Beef Mami and Beef Brisket Rice Topping.

Their Chicken Feet is very tasty! The beef mami too was very good. The beef brisket was just Okay. But when i added Chili Sauce it became more appetizing.

HK Noodle has different branches in Metro Manila. See flyer pic for branches

JL's CEBU Lechon Belly (Quezon City)

Yesterday i went to JL's Cebu Lechon Belly in Quezon City. I bought 1 Kilo of their Lechon Belly. 1 Kilo Spicy lechon Belly for 660 Pesos.

When i got home i sliced a few pieces. The smell was sooo nice. And it tastes delicious too. The herbs inside the belly gave it sooo much flavor plus the skin was so crispy.

Below is their text when i inquired about their Lechon Belly.
JL's CEBU LECH0N BELLY  located at VALENZUELA CITY @ T0TAL gas stati0n (acr0ss SM val.) & @ R0CES AVE. Q.C @ BREADBASIC (beside BULALO REPUBLIK, acr0ss CALTEX gas stati0n)
PRICES: 1KL (6-8pax)  650.00 REGULAR FLAV0R /  660.00 SPICY FLAV0R 3/4 KL (4-6pax)  490.00 / 500.00 1/2 KL (3-4pax) 330.00 / 340.00 1/4 KL (2-3pax) 175.00 / 185.00 *pls call us 4 reservati0ns
WE DELIVER: 1 WH0LE CEBU LECH0N BELLY 4-5kl php2600.00-3250.00 (reg.) php2640.00-3300.00 (spicy) (PRICES MAY VARY DEPENDING 0N THE C00KED WEIGHT) *plus addt'l delivery charges

Juan's Special Chicharon (Carcar, Cebu)

Everytime we go to Cebu we go to Carcar to buy Chicharon. Our favorite place to buy Carcar Chicharon is Juan's Chicharon. 

I love their Spicy Chicharon. Priced at 20 Pesos per pack. It also comes in a smaller pack for 10 pesos but somehow it tastes different from the 20 Peso Pack.

Juan's Chicharon will not stay fresh for a long time. It will stay good only for 2 weeks and beyond that the taste turns Maanta in tagalog.
Juan's Chicharon is located along the highway in Carcar, going to Sibonga. It is outside downtown Carcar. Their contact Number 09236156296.

Isla Cafe (Makati)

Yesterday we went to the New Century Mall in Makati (Former Site of the Old International School). In front of Rustan's a girl in Filipiniana dress greeted us. She was from Isla Cafe. I looked at their items and they were selling kakanin.

After doing our grocery i went back to Isla Cafe. I bought their Sapin Sapin (P35.00), Cassava with Buko and Cheese (P60.00) and another kakanin (P50.00).

when i got home i tasted all 3, the taste is finer than the ones bought elsewhere. Usually a slice can be bought for P10 but it is evident in the taste why they are priced higher.
Isla Cafe is located at the New Century Mall in Makati, Basement, infront of Rustans.

Min Sok Korean Restaurant (Makati)

We just came from Min Sok, twice this week now. And as usual everything was good! Posting pics of the Appetizers we had. The meats, we basically had the same.