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Ugu Bigyan Birthday Sale

Stepping stone at Ugu Bigyan, made of Concrete and shaped like a leaf!

One of the Open Pavillions inside Ugu Bigyan
I thought I had missed the Annual Birthday Sale of Ugu Bigyan. Ondoy had wrecked havoc so I thought there would be no sale anymore. When we arrived at Ugu Bigyan's. The lady there (who looked like a relative of Ugu) told us that the Sale was extended!! What good news for me. I think it was Ugu's 44th Birthday so all items had a 44% Discount!!
I was in search for my a big bowl which I can turn into a sink. I found one bowl which I liked, but problem is how to put a hole in it. Then the lady said that they had sinks at their store room. There were around 3 designs to choose from. I just chose the simplest one with the sampaguita flowers. the sink was priced at 8000. I forgot the exact price but this is the discounted price.
Ugu Bigyan's Studio is located in Tiaong, Quezon Province. Their Contact Number is +63425459144.