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Hot and Cold Springs in Camiguin

1. Ardent Hibok-Hibok Hot Spring Resort - Located in Mambajao. Entrance FEE is P30 for Adults and P15 for Children 10 Years and Below. There are Rooms and cottages for rent. There is a Restaurant also.


Dapo at Tisa Restaurant (Marikina)

The other day we were supposed to eat at another restaurant along Lilac Street but when we arrived at the Restaurant it was still closed and so we ended up at the nearest restaurant we could find. The Restaurant that caught my attention was Dapo at Tisa. Formerly an Old House and repurposed into a Restaurant. There were a lot of Diners at Dapo at Tisa when we arrived and that was good.  Staff were friendly at Dapo at Tisa. We were asked how many we were. We seated ourselved at a big table for 6 (we were just 3). The Menu of Dapo at Tisa looked like what i would usually eat at home. There were so many choices. Since i was reducing my intake of meat i concentrated on the fish dishes. We ordered the following, Prichon, Sigarilyas, Adobong Hito sa Gata, grilled blue marlin, cucumber lemonade and Dapo Secret. Our order arrived after a few minutes. The first to arrive was the prichon. It consisted of 7 pcs of Lechon wrapped in wrapper. It was delicious!! I wish i could have ordered more. This i…


Camiguin Island is located in Northern Mindanao. It is one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines.
How to Get to Camiguin

There are several options to get to Camiguin.  1. Via Cebu – Take a Cebu Pacific Flight from Mactan. Departing at 6am. Only 1 flight per day so have a plan b and c if flight gets cancelled. There are news that Cebu Pacific will be adding another flight to Camiguin. 2. Via Bohol – from Jagna there is a Ferry which goes to Camiguin though schedule is not daily. 3. Via Butuan – After exiting Butuan Airport you can wait for a BUS going to CDO along the Highway. Tell the Conductor that you will be going to Balingoan. Fare is 215 Pesos. Travel time is 2 1/2 Hours. From Balingoan port there is a ferry which goes to Benoni. Fare is P170 plus P2 (Not sure what it was for) and P15 Terminal Fee. There is a ferry every hour. Last trip at 430pm. 4. Via CDO – from Balingoan port also. *Our flight to Camiguin was cancelled so i just asked our flight to be rerouted to Butuan. From …

Palaui Island (Sta Ana, Cagayan)

How to Get to Palaui Island
1. Via Manila - Board a Bus going to Tuguegarao (Travel time 10-12 Hours). I recommend Victory Liner, the First Class Buses have bigger seats (Same as the ones going to Baguio/ only 27 Seats) and there is a toilet. You can buy your tickets from the Victory Liner website. Fare for First Class is P860. Aircon Fare is P647. 2. Via Manila - PAL or Cebu Pacific to Tuguegarao. 3. When in Tuguegarao, board a tricycle to where the Vans going to Sta Ana are or tell the tricycle driver to bring you to the Bus going to Sta Ana (we boarded Caltrans). Travel time is 3 to 3.5 Hours. 4. At the Sta Ana Bus Terminal/ Van Terminal board a Tricycle to San Vicente Port. 5. Go to the Port Office and book your Banca to Palaui Island.
What to See In Palaui Island
1. Cape Engano
2. Punta Engano
3. Punta Verde

Ironwood Hotel (Tacloban, Leyte)

Rating: 9/10

Location: Located in Downtown Tacloban at the corner of Juan Luna and Burgos. Near Restaurants. Near the Cathedral. The Hotel has a FREE Shuttle for Staying Guests at the Airport or call the Airport and tell them your schedule.


Canigao Island (Matalom, Southern Leyte)

Southern Leyte is often overlooked when one goes to Leyte but it boasts of Attractions which can rival the Attractions of well known provinces. One of those Attractions which Southern Leyte can boast of is Canigao Island which is located in Matalom.

How to Get to Canigao 1. From Tacloban's Daniel Romualdez Airport board a Jeepney or Taxi to Downtown. At downtown Tacloban go to Van Van's or go to Tacloban Terminal. Taxi will cost P250-300. 2. Board the Van going to Maasin City (Via BayBay). It will take 3.5 Hours to get to Matalom. The Van will stop at Baybay City for 20 Minutes before proceeding to Matalom / Maasin City. 3. Tell the Van Driver to drop you off at Matalom Plaza, Fare is P200. 4. At the Plaza the port going to Canigao is just nearby, it is just beside the Plaza. Just ask the Locals where it is.

5. At the port pay for the entrance Fee to Canigao P40 and P65 for the boat. There is a Minimum of 25 passengers needed for the Boat to proceed to the Island. If it is a weekday…