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Nando's (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Alva's Chicharon


Wan Chai (Binondo, Manila)

We just came from lunch at Wan Chai. It was a filling lunch with some hits and a miss. We ordered their Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce, Salted Pork (It was supposed to be mixed veggies but the waitress heard Salted Pork instead), sweet and sour pork, taro puff and buko pandan. 

Food at Wan Chai is worth returning to but their service needs a lot of improvement. Order taking and check out speed are areas wherein they need to check.

Cafe Lawis (Dauis, Bohol)

Hidden inside the Dauis Church Complex is a Restaurant worth going to and that is the Cafe Lawis.
Everything we ordered was just delicious. The service was worth noting. The ambience calming and relaxing. What better way to eat then under a acacia tree with the sea as your backdrop.
We ordered their adobo, humba and grilled fish. All delicious and topped it with halo-halo.

Tudings (Calamba, Laguna)

We just had a quick merienda at Tudings. Got their Pork Chop with Rice and Egg (P62)

The pork chop was fried perfectly, plus the rice and egg and dipped in vinegar. It was a satisfying merienda. Cheap and delicious

Tuding's is located near the exit at Calamba going to SLEX.

Charlies (Mandaluyong)

Yesterday we stopped at Charlie's for merienda. The last time i ate here was several years ago.
We ordered their beef wanton special and their special bola bola siopao.
I really enjoyed the beef wanton. The soup was delicious. The beef was tasty. It was overall worth every centavo.

The Bola Bola siopao was a surprise too. I think that was the first time i got to taste their siopao and i was not disappointed!!

Charlies is located along Haig Street in Mandaluyong.

Bohol Tropics Resort (Tagbilaran, Bohol)

I got to know of Bohol Tropics Resort years ago. It is owned by the Yap's, John Geesnell Yap or Mayor Baba would pick me up at the Airport everytime i would go to Bohol for the Dog Show before he became the Mayor of Tagbilaran. This year i decided to book a room at Bohol Tropics. I have been to Bohol countless of times but never got to stay in Bohol Tropics. I did get to go inside the room once when Darius showed me his room.

Now on to my experience with Bohol Tropics. Once we got out of Tagbilaran Airport there was a girl holding a Bohol Tropics sign. I approached her and she asked for my name. She then asked us to sit at the waiting area as the Van was not yet around. After a few minutes the van arrived and we were ushered in. The driver got my bag and placed it at the back. In 5 minutes more or less we arrived at Bohol Tropics. The Lobby / Reception of Tropics is Open Air. I was asked to fill up a form and afterwards a room boy got my bag and showed us to our room. 

I got their D…

Chuck's Steak and Chops (Landmark, Makati)

We were wondering why there was such a long line at Chuck's Steak and Chops when there were 2 other Steak Shops inside the food center. The next steak place was Steak Escape (a regular fixture in Food Courts) and another steak place which the name escapes me (there was nobody buying). We decided to go with Chuck's despite the line.

We ordered their TBone (P115.00) and Porterhouse (P125.00) The wait was not bad as we got our food in less than 15 minutes. 
Buying from Chuck's was a wise decision as their steaks are very tasty. Very tender plus the gravy was delicious. Will definitely go back here again.

Chuck's is located at the Food Court of Landmark Makati. They also have another branch at Trinoma Food Court.

Air Asia AK700 Singapore-Kuala Lumpur

Route: Singapore-Kuala LumpurPlane Type: A320-200 Time of Departure: 0750 Time of Arrival: 0850

PAL PR 511 Manila-Singapore

Route: Manila - SingaporePlane Type: Airbus A320-200

Boarding (E): 5:15am Boarding (A): 6:00am Departure (E): 6:00am Departure (A): 6:25am Arrival (E): 9:35am Arrival (A): 9:35am Inflight Mag: 

Movie Shown: The Monuments Men

Breakfast: Sausage with Rice

Breakfast: Bangus with Rice

Comments: the Sausage with Rice was good and it was surprising since it came with Spiced Vinegar.
Overall the plane was a bit old. It was very obvious from the seats which were already showing wear and tear. And some seats did not recline.

NAIA2: Decaying Airport

NAIA2 seems to be decaying. I just noticed how dirty the floors are. Black dirt have accumulated in between the tiles, plus there are some areas where the black dirt covers a wide area. Aside from that are cracks.
Airconditioning is barely felt. I wonder how hot it is inside NAIA2 when it is really hot outside. Our flight is early morning so it is not hot.

They seem to be saving on lights too. It is  quite dark when we entered the boarding gates.
Comfort Rooms are far (not elderly friendly) and tiny.
So many things needs to be fixed at NAIA2. Maybe next time will be better.

Hong Kong Eat Fresh (San Juan, MM)

The first time we ate at HK Eat fresh was a few years ago in their Original branch in QC. It was good news when they opened  just nearby.
We ordered their tausi spareribs claypot rice and chicken mushroom claypot rice. Also fishball and squidball.
The first to arrive was the fishball and squidball.

I tried all the sauces they had. Sweet, Sweet and Sour , Peanut and Spiced Vinegar. The only sauce i did not like was the peanut sauce. HK Eat Fresh's sweet sauce is not the same as the ones you can taste in the streets. Its a different kind of sweet more Chinese tasting compared to the street version which is Filipino.

Their Claypot Rice as usual were very filling and delicious. They now serve them in wooden pedestals. Just love their chicken with mushroom but dont like their chili sauce.

Ristorante delle Mitre (Intramuros, Manila)

Last Sunday we went to San Agustin Church in Intramuros and just in front of the Church is the Restorante del Mitre.

We ordered their Humba and Callos which are their specialties. 
The food arrived after 10 minutes. I must say that i was surprised why we had not eaten at Restorante delle Mitre before! The food was delicious! I loved how their humba was cooked, it was not to sweet, it just had the right taste. The callos was equally good too. No wonder why they were the Restaurants specialties.

We also got their Sylvannas which was surprisingly good! Better than the ones i bought from Cebu (Mrs U and Nena Montenegros ). Priced at P158 a pack.
Despite the rather inattentive staff, will definitely go back because of the food.
Restorante del Mitre is located infront of San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila .