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Shrimp Bucket (UP Town Center, QC)

Last Sunday, after Centris we went to Shrimp Bucket in UP Town Center for lunch. The inside was full so we just got the tables outside. We bought their Salted Egg Shrimp, Mussels, Beef Short Ribs, Fish and Chips and Fried Squid. I was not able to get the names of the dishes but that is it more or less.

We were first served the fried squid. It was really delicious and will definitely order it again. The squid was very tender and it was really tasty. The dipping vinegar complemented the squid.

Next to be served were the Shrimps, Mussels, Beef Ribs and Fish and Chips.
The Beef ribs was very salty. Though the beef was tender, overall it was a dish not worth ordering. 

The mussels were very good. They were presented in a plastic bag and buckets provided for the trash. The chorizo sauce was sinful. Crabmeat Fat was probably included and it was just sinful but delicious.

Next was the salted egg shrimps which were also served in a plastic bag. It was good but personally do not like it that much. T…