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Manaoag Church Tour Experience

The last time we went to Manaoag was probably 5-6 years ago. Last December 15,2011 we went back to Manaog. And i must say it was an experience that I will never forget.
We arrived at Manaog after lunch. When we arrived there was a boy near the sign that said Manaog Church. He ran and guided us to the parking area. We gave him P20. And soon several teenagers were approaching us, selling all sorts of Religious Items. There was also a man who was handing us a receipt that there was a Parking Fee of P50. We were hesitant at first to pay the P50 but we gave him the P50 anyway. 
Walking to the Church, the teenager sellers were still pestering us. But after the Stall Areas and the area near the Church doors they stopped following us. 
We toured the Church for something like 40 Minutes. My sister went back ahead of me as i was still busy taking a picture of the front of the Church. When I got back, several teenagers followed me, i tried to run but they were running also. One of the teenagers kep…

Pangasinan Church Tour

We left the house at 805am. Arrived 837 at 1st Toll, paid P45. At 919 arrived at Dau Toll, paid 173. Arrived at Villasis at 1120am. Visited the Church

Lunch at Matutina's Urdaneta. Ordered Mixed Inihaw, Adobong Pusit, Pinakbet. Bill 810. The food here was just okay. Nothing spectacular really. The Pinakbet was lack luster. The adobong pusit was okay but no "i will order this again" factor. The inihaw was just okay also, the only part of the inihaw i enjoyed was the liempo, the bangus though good had a lot of "tinik"

Left Matutina's at 1230. Arrived Manaoag 1pm. When we arrived at Manaoag Church around 3-4 teenage kids selling religious items approached usLeft 2pm. 220 arrived Mangaldan. 245 arrive Dagupan. 320 arrive Malasiqui. Arrive Bayambang 340pm. Entered Luisita SCTEX and exited Clark Toll 89.