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Quest Hotel (Cebu City)

My BFF Anita was the one who reccomended that i try Quest Hotel and she sure gave a Very Good Reccomendation.
Quest Hotel is a modern Hotel located just across Ayala Centre Cebu. Nearby, around and at its back are Restaurants. There is a bank nearby and laundry shops too.

Check In was fast, friendly and efficient. The room was clean, comfy and cool. Their Wifi was surprisingly fast and reliable (though there were times it will slow down but pick up speed again). The room was comparable to a 4 Star Hotel Room. 

Breakfast was Extensive. There was such a wide range of food available that i was surprised. More surprised to find Puto Bumbong (forget getting this) and Chocolate Batirol (Get this!) and Taho (their taho just does not taste like the ones bought from the streets). 
Go to breakfast early, before 7am to beat the crowds. Despite having a lot of diners their service was Excellent.

Service was exemplary. Fast, efficient. From their security to Reception to Housekeeping.
Check Out was equa…

Kuya J's (Tojong Street, Cebu City)

Address: Tojong Street, Cebu City Location: located near Quest Hotel, Mandarin, Parklane, Diamond Suites, Wellcome Hotel We ordered the following when we dined here for dinner.  Kare-kare (P260)  Baked Scallops (P165)  Adobong Kangkong
Overall, the food was very good. The kare-kare and scallops were very good. I liked the bagoong with the kare-kare a lot! Its the type of bagoong i like. 
So far, i have not ordered anything from Kuya J's (first tried eating at their Sta Mesa branch) that i did not like. Their service is good too.

Zubuchon (Mactan Cebu Airport Branch)

Anthony Bourdain considers Zzubuchon the best pig ever. If you will eat Zubuchon at the Airport that statement you will not agree with that. The lechon they serve at the airport is too oily. It tastes good but its far from the best. 
I got their Boneless Lechon with Rice for 190.00 plus their Iced Citrus Lemon Tea (forgot if thats the right term for P75). I think it would be better to tastes Zubuchon at their branches outside the Airport where the lechon served is fresh.