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Merced Bake House (Quezon City)

Yesterday i attended a Seminar about Chickens. It was held at the Main Branch of Merced Bake House & Restaurant. The last time i was here was probably 6 years ago when my grandmother asked us to buy something. In their tarpaulin i learned that they are 40 years old this year. 
After the seminar i bought some goodies. I was looking for the bee hive but they were gone. So i just bought their Sans Rival Slice (36.50), Sylvanna (29.50) and Mozart Ball (21.00).

I only got to taste the Sylvanna when i got home. It was just okay. Nothing special about it. It was neither bad tasting either. I never got to taste the other goodies though.

Merced is located along EDSA, near the corner of Quezon Avenue.

Aling Pining's Crispy Pata (La Loma, Quezon City)

One of Metro Manila's BEST Crispy Pata can be found in a Garage. I found about Aling Pining's Crispy Pata in a FB Comment a few months ago. The Commenter just said the best Crispy Pata can be found in a Garage in Halcon Street in La Loma.
With Just Halcon Street as the address we went to La Loma 2 weeks ago in search of Halcon Street Crispy Pata. When we arrived at Halcon Street we just asked the people there where we can buy Crispy Pata. We passed by it already it turned out. It was indeed just a garage. It had a small sign. Halcon Street Crispy Pata was Aling Pinings Crispy Pata. 
An Old Lady was the one frying the Crispy Pata. While a middle aged woman  was the one accepting orders. We bought a Crispy Pata (P400) and we were on our way.

At home we were eager to finally taste the Crispy Pata. It did not disappoint. The trip to La Loma was worth it. Is it the best? My mom said the one in Marinduque is still the best. For me? Well i need to go back to Marinduque again. Until then…

Original Digman Halo-Halo (Bacoor, Cavite)

Yesterday we went to Cavite to inspect a Pioneer Turntable that my Brother In Law was interested in. After buying the turntable i stopped at Bacoor Church then we went to Original Digman Halo Halo.

It was a Hot & Humid day so it was perfect time to have Halo-Halo.

We ordered their Regular Halo Halo at 55 each plus the Special Halo Halo for me at 65. The only difference is the ice cream. Also we ordered their Siopao at 22 each.

The taste was still the same. Delicious in every scoop. The siopao was good too.
Original Digman Halo Halo is located in Barangay Digman, Bacoor Cavite.

Three Sisters (Pasig City)


Baywalk Pension House & Restaurant

Baywalk Pension House is relatively new. Located infront of Hayahay Beach. It is owned by Mrs Lee who will personally check you in. 

Baywalk has a garden setting. All rooms have garden views. We got a room at the main building. A twin room which had 1 single bed and 1 queen size bed. Room rate was P1,650 and included breakfast. The room had Airconditioning, TV, Hot & Cold Shower.

Clean, comfortable and affordable. I highly reccommend Baywalk to those who are looking for a place in Masbate City.
Telephone No: +63563336648

Lutong Pilipino ni Aling Ely (Calamba, Laguna)

Yesterday on our way to Los Banos we stopped at Aling Ely's in Calamba for an early lunch.

Aling Ely's is a Turo Turo type Restaurant. They have lechon here also.

We got the following: Lechon, Inihaw na Talong with Bagoong, Laing and a Fish Dish Soup based. 

The food was just okay. I particularly liked the lechon. The skin was crispy. Did not like the inihaw na talong much as the bagoong was not good. The laing was too mushy for me too.
Aling Ely's is located along the National Highway in Calamba. Beside Caltex and Near PureGold Calamba.

Krung Thai (Marikina)

Krung Thai has always been our favorite place to eat when we are in Marikina. Krung Thai never fails to satisfy our stomachs. The owner of Krung Thai is a very gracious lady who is always there to welcome her diners.
We ordered our Usual Favorites during our visit last week. 
Tom Yum Soup, Fried Chicken, Mango Salad and Bagoong Rice.

Abe's (MegaMall Branch)

Last week we had lunch at Abe in MegaMall. It was my first time there.The restaurant was tastefully furnished, mixing old and new

We ordered their binukadkad na Isda (Forgot what kind of fish it was), Laing and Morcon.
The binukadkad na Isda was delicious. It was beautifully presented and had buro on the side.

The morcon meanwhile was good but there was nothing really special about it. I thought it was just embutido.

The laing was good too.

Overall it was a good lunch. There are other food items worth trying which should merit another visit.

Tita Lulu's Pancit Palabok (San Juan, Metro Manila)

If you are craving for Palabok and Tokwa't Baboy, the best place to go to is Tita Lulu's. 

They serve delicious Palabok at Tita Lulu's (Located in front of PureGold Agora, inside the big parking lot). Always say you want the thin noodles when you order Palabok as it is better.

The Tokwa't Baboy is equally delicious. Never forget to buy the palabok and tokwa't baboy together as they complement each other.

Masbate's Attractions

Masbate province is well known for its Rodeo but aside from that she also offers other attractions worth visiting:

1. Masbate Cathedral - dedicated to San Antonio de Padua. Located in the Center of Masbate. This was the first place we went to after arriving in Masbate.

2. Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary - just a mere 10 minutes away from the City. Buntod reef is a Sandbar plus Mangrove. Sand in Buntod is powdery and the water crystal clear. 

3. Villa Bayot - Masbate's Oldest Ancestral / Heritage House was built in the 1880s, located along Zurbito Street in Masbate City.

4. Hayahay Beach - Located near the Airport. Hayahay is where the locals go to. Picnic Huts can be rented.

5. Mangrove Park - Located along Nursery Boulevard. 

6. Old Houses in San Jacinto, Ticao Island

Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary (Masbate)

Buntod is Paradise in Masbate. Masbate's Crown Jewel. Just a few minutes away from the City, you will be amazed at how near Paradise is. The waters here are crystal clear and the sand powdery fine.

Aside from swimming, other activities here include snorkelling and scuba diving. Equipment can be rented from the Boat man's group.
How to Get Here: Contact any of the numbers below. Or go to the store near MG Hotel and ask for the boat man who can take you to Buntod. Fare is 500 for a small boat.

When to Go Here: if you want to see the sand bar go early in the morning. The boat man said that the Sand Bar disappears around 11-12.
Advice/Tips: Be sure to do your thing before going here as there are no toilets in Buntod. Also do not litter. Keep your trash.

Masbate & Ticao in 3 Days and 2 Nights (August 2014)

I had bought my tickets to Masbate months ago when PAL had their Seat Sale, I was lucky to get 2 Round Trip tickets at just 1,300 a person. Finally the day came and my adventure started:
Day 1: August 12 (City, Buntod Reef and Ticao Island, Mangrove Park)
Our trip was scheduled to depart at 5am so we left the house at 3am and arrived 330am. We parked the car at the Overnight Area and proceeded to the Terminal. Check In was fast and we proceeded to the gate but first had a mini breakfast. Then we went to our gate. Boarding started as scheduled and we departed earlier than scheduled. The plane arrived earlier than the 640am estimated time. 
Masbate's Airport is just like any Small Provincial Airport. There was just a room where the bags will be brought. We did not have any Check In Bags so we exited immediately.

We hopped on a tricycle and told the driver to bring us to Masbate Cathedral. I paid the driver 50 Pesos (I asked him how much and he said "Bahala na Kayo"). 

After spe…