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Bicol Trip (December 3-5,2011)

We Arrived at T3 645am. After Parking the Pick-Up (we were lucky that a car left when we arrived) we then Proceeded to the Check In Counter for Legazpi City (could not find the web check in counter). Seats assigned to us were 4E (EPC) and 4F (VDM). After check in we paid terminal fee of P200 each. By 7am we were finished with the Security Check. We had Breakfast at Let's Chow. Ordered Tausi with Spare Ribs and Fried Rice (P340)
After breakfast we proceeded to Gate 119 to wait for Boarding. Boarding delayed to 830 (supposed to be 810). Take Off at 9am and arrived 940am (the flight was time was just 35 minutes so even if boarding was delayed the plane landed on time)
We took a taxi to Santo Domingo (Fare P350.00) We then dropped off the gifts at the Gregorio House then went to Sto Domingo de Guzman Church. We Took a tricycle from the Church (P30 Fare) to the bus/jeepney stop to Tabaco (1045am). Boarded Jeep at 1050am (P20 each) and arrived in Tabaco City at 1130. Went to the Church…

Boy Yoghurt @ Marikina

After our lunch at Bacolod Chicken Parilla we then went to Boy Yoghurt for dessert. I ordered Plain Yoghurt with Marshmallows and Caramel Syrup
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Bacolod Chicken Parilla

We just had lunch at Bacolod Chicken Parilla in Marikina Heights, Marikina City. We ordered Pak Pak Inasal and Kansi. First to arrive was the Kansi. Then followed by the Pak Pak Inasal. The kansi was good and it had generous amounts of beef. The Chicken Inasal was also good but not as delicious as Carlo's Bacolod Chicken House Express in Makati.
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A & M Restaurant (Batangas City)


Iloilo Visita Iglesia

I had always wanted to Visit Iloilo's Churches (and definitely the Miag-Ao Church which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site). Last August 10-11 I finally got my Wish. It was a Visita Iglesia in August!! Though a Visita Iglesia should normally be done during the Holy Week when most Churches are open, any month is okay. The norm is to Visit 7 Churches usually, but we ended up visiting more. For this trip we decided to just commute going to the different Churches (Pedicab, Tricycle, Multi Cab, Jeepney, Bus and Taxi) as renting a Car would be very expensive (when i inquired the usual rate was P2500 for the car excluding gas for self drive).

August 10,2011

Manila-Iloilo City-Santa Barbara-Cabatuan-Janiuay-Iloilo City-Tigbauan-Guimbal-Miagao-San Joaquin-San Jose de Buenavista-Iloilo City

Our flight departed 8:35am from Manila and arrived Iloilo 9:45am. We then proceeded to the Multi-Cab's which were parked at the Left side of the Airport. Fare was P10 a person going to the Santa…

Johana's Grill


Laguna's Hidden Paradise in Panguil (Panguil River Eco Park)

Every time we go to Laguna we pass by Panguil but we did not know that there is a Hidden Paradise in this small town. It was only when i read about it in the June Issue of Cruising Magazine that i got to know that there exists such a Paradise in Laguna. 
To get to the Panguil River Eco Park do not take the road going to Panguil Town Proper, instead take the Highway. There is a sign that says Panguil River Eco Park along the Highway, do not be mislead by this sign as they placed it on the wrong spot!! Take the road just before this Sign if you are coming from Rizal and after this sign if you are coming from Laguna. 
In a few minutes after turning left or right depending on where you come from you will arrive at the gate of Panguil River Eco Park. If you have a Car with you, park it at the Parking Site just before the gate. Parking Fee for cars is P20.00. You will need to pay at the Admin Office an entrance fee of P42.00 a person, if you want to go to the Ambon Ambon Falls that is anothe…

Bacoor's Original Famous Digman Halo-Halo

Last Sunday we went to the ORIGINAL FAMOUS HALO-HALO in Digman, Bacoor, Cavite City. This is different from the ORIGINAL HALO-HALO located in Rubio Street (I read somewhere that the 2 even got into a Court Case regarding who can use the word ORIGINAL. And the HALO HALO PLACE who won the case went to the one located in Rubio Street).
The price of ORIGINAL FAMOUS HALO HALO is P55.00 for the Special (Comes with a Scoop of Ice Cream) while the Regular is P45.00. Aside from the HALO HALO we also ordered their Pancit Canton, Mami and Tokwat Baboy. The Halo-Halo came first. Now comes the Verdict of ORIGINAL FAMOUS HALO-HALO.
The Halo-Halo of ORIGINAL FAMOUS is no where in the league of the ORIGINAL. The use of just Evaporada instead of ALPINE Milk (used by ORIGINAL) was very evident. The ingredients used also were of poorer quality than what ORIGINAL used. The sago in ORIGINAL was firm while in ORIGINAL FAMOUS it was a bit soggy. The leche flan used by ORIGINAL FAMOUS is something that you wi…

"Only in the Philippines" Shopping at Duty Free Philippine Paranaque

We just came from Duty Philippines. It was an experience that i can say "Only in the Philippines" I was at DFP just the other night but decided to tag along with my Mom and Sister.
To be able to shop at Duty Free Philippines you need to bring your Passport. You need to go here 48 hours after you arrive in the Philippines (I went to Duty Free 5 days after arrived but they still let me in). For Senior Citizens and Handicapped persons, they are given 1 Year to go here from their date of arrival. Regular Travellers, Senior and Handicapped Persons are given a $1000 Duty Free allowance. OFW's on the other hand are allowed to avail of the Duty Free Shopping 15 days after they arrive and given a bigger allowance of $2500.
Once you go up you will be first met by the Chocolate Section which the atmosphere is similar to a Philippine Market, though this is classier. Salesperson from the different Chocolate Brands (Hershey's, Lindt, M&M, etc) will try to get your attention and …

Late Lunch at Cocina Juan (Quezon City)

The last time we ate here was 2-3 years ago. Whenever we were in the Teacher's Village Area and we wanted to eat we would go here but they were usually closed. Yesterday they were open (never did get to ask what time they open but probably not early!) so it was my chance again to taste their chimichurri again! We ordered the Limon Chicken and Pork Belly Chimichurri and added a Pita Pizza plus Cold Chamomile Tea. 
While waiting for our food we were served some Nacho Chips (Purple colored) drizzled with white sauce. This appetizer was delicous and more so that it was free. The food arrived after 10-15 minutes. The Pork Belly was DELICIOUS. The meat was soft and it was grilled just right (there were no black burnt particles). The Chimichurri Sauce just simply made the dish heavenly. The Limon Butter was likewise good but i preffered the Pork Belly. I had to order additional Chimichurri sauce (on the menu it has a price of P35 but i dont know if i was billed for it)
The Pita Pizza arri…

Delicious Chinese Food at ROYAL CHINA (Raffles Hotel, Singapore)

Last Sunday we were treated to an unforgettable lunch by my Brother-In-Law. We had lunch at ROYAL CHINA in Raffles Hotel.  The food was simply delicious. The Service was Top-Notch and the ambience was ROYAL.
We had so many dishes that i could not remember all the names.