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Mrs U's Sylvannas (Cebu)

The last time i was in Cebu i was looking for Mrs U Sylvannas but ended up with Nena Montenegro's Sylvannas (Tojong Street). This time i called up the number of Mrs U which was featured in Market Manila. The pick up place was in Banilad but when i told the girl i was talking to that i will be bringing it to Manila, she offered that they have it at the Island's Souvenirs in Mactan. I told the girl i was talking to that i will just buy it from there.

So i got my Sylvannas at Island Souvenirs. Priced at 230 for the big and 215 for the small size. 
When we got to the hotel i got a piece. But was not impressed. The Sylvannas had partially melted so i thought that that was the reason that i was not impressed. I just said to myself that i will just taste it again when we get home.
When we got home i placed the Sylvannas in the freezer. After few hours i tasted a piece. Still i was not impressed but it was better though. Still the best Sylvannas for me is the one from Sans Rival in Dumag…

Red Ribbon's Mango Cream Pie

I cannot remember the last time i had this. Yesterday i was able to taste this again and it was just heavenly.

The Mango Cream Pie had the just right amount of sweetness. The Mango Slices on top was just priceless. This is available until June 30 only. Whole pies is P550 and available in Red Ribbon Branches Nationwide.

Le Ching (Greenhills Branch)

Le Ching has always been my favorite. Before i got to know Singapore's Chicken Rice, there was Le Ching's Chicken Rice.

Le Ching's Chicken Rice is served in Stainless Steel Bowls. Rice topped with delicious chicken pieces with mushroom then dipped in their Chili with Soy Sauce and Calamansi. Just delicious.
Aside from the Chicken Rice we would also order their congee. Though not as good as Congee from other Chinese Restaurants though.

And lately i have been ordering their Sesame Balls. Delicious balls with a sweet mongo filling.

Le Ching is located in Greenhills. They have another branch in Quezon City.

Jade Palace (Pasig)

We had an early lunch at Jade Palace today. I ordered their Chicken with Black Mushroom Rice, Beef Siomai and Chicken Feet.

The Chicken with Black Mushroom rice was so so. Did not enjoy it really as i was expecting something like Le Ching's Chicken Rice.

the Chicken feet was delicious. The beef siomai was okay too.

Jade Palace is located at 106 Shaw Boulevard, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

Kenny Rogers Roasters (MegaMall Branch)

It has been a long time since i had a taste of Kenny Rogers. The last time was around 3 Years ago at Duty Free. That dining experience was disappointing as the food served at Kenny's Duty Free was bland and tasteless.

A few days ago, we went to Kenny's in MegaMall to claim free treats courtesy of BDO Cards (Every 2,500 spent entitles the Card Holder to a free treat from Kenny's, Auntie Anne's, Brownies or Bo's)
We claimed the Combo 3. Which consisted of 1/4th Chicken, Side Dish, Rice, Corn Muffin and Drink.

I wasnt expecting much but i was surprised as i enjoyed my Combo 3. Probably it was also because of the fact that it was free.
Now i look forward again of going back to Kenny's.

William & Catherine: Their Romance and Royal Wedding in Photographs byDavid Elliot Cohen

My sister recently bought this book from National Bookstore in Quezon Avenue, it was just priced at P200!!

I did not take notice of it until only a few days ago when i had nothing to do. I thought it would just be about William & Kate and their wedding. When i opened the pages i was wrong!! It had so much information about the other Royals that it was such a joy to read.
This is a must buy book for all the Royalty  Afficionados out there.

Everything at Steak (P Guevarra, San Juan City)

The last time i ate here was probably a year ago. I always go here if i want a Steak Fix.

As usual i ordered their T-Bone Steak. The price has increased to P225! I ordered my steak with the Cajun Rub and Original Gravy. Plus twice baked potatoe for the side dish.
Steaks here are huge! And usually very tender. My steak probably had more rub than usual, but it was okay and i still managed to finish everything.

Everything at Steak is located at P Guevarra, San Juan. It is located beside a Petron Station. 
They are open from 11am to 11pm, everyday.

Knorr's Nido Oriental Style Soup

Knorr's Nido Oriental Style Soup has been around for as long as i can remember. It was the perfect soup for a rainy day.

Today (Easter Sunday) i had a bowl of this unforgettable classic. 
With my first sip it seemed something was missing. The next sips confirmed what i had noticed. They had scrimped on the ingredients. The bits that were plenty before were just fiew and in miniscule sizes. 

But you can improvise and add those bits which i found out from reading the ingredients list is just pork rind or chicharon! Then also add green onion leaves. The best way to still enjoy a classic!!

Lantaw Native Restaurant (Cebu City)

When we where in Cordova we were supposed to eat at Lantaw but never got to. This time we decided to try Lantaw in Busay. 
Lantaw is located in the Mountains of Busay. It is quite far from Downtown Cebu and you will need to negotiate with a Taxi driver to go here if you do not have a car.
When you reach Lantaw, the view of Cebu City, Mactan, Olango and Bohol will greet you. It is a sight to behold. At night the view will turn to a sea of lights. It is best to go here around 5pm when you can see Cebu City, Mactan, Olango and Bohol and wait for nightfall.

When we arrived, we seated ourselves and it wasnt for a few minutes before we were given the Menu. We ordered the following, Grilled Tuna Belly, Kilawin, Utan Bisaya, Chorizo and Buko Shake.
Grilled Tuna Belly - i doubt if it was fresh because it did not taste fresh. It was rather fishy to my taste. Disappointing.

Kilawin - Different from the kilawin i am used to. They used gata. Disappointed also with this.

Utan - Similar to Laswa. But Thei…

Max's Restaurant (Delivery)

Yesterday we ordered Max's Spring Chicken and Kare Kare For dinner.
The Chicken was as usual delicious. The spring chicken is the best tasting. Dipped into banana ketchup with worcestershire sauce and its just heaven.

Max's Kare Kare is good. Though this one seems not as good as the one we ordered before. I love the bagoong that comes with this.

Marco Polo Plaza Hotel (Nivel Hills, Cebu City)

Marco Polo Plaza Hotel in Cebu City has always been a premiere hotel. It has the distinction of being the only 5 Star Hotel in Nivel Hills. 
For our Cebu Trip (April 2014) i got a room via Agoda. The room i got was just priced at P1700. A bargain considering that this is the Marco Polo.

Check In was fast. The room i got was all occupied so we were Upgraded to a Continental Club Room (minus the usual perks attached to the room). Usually the Continental Club Room will give you access to the Continental Club but since we were upgraded we were not given that Perk. 
Our room was located in the 23rd floor and had its own elevator (an Old one but a scenic elevator). The room we got was big compared to other Hotel Rooms, it had a queen size bed, LCD tv, mini bar, a lounging chair with foot rest, a mini safe, a desk, the bathroom was big too with complete amenities. Though the toilet did not have a bidet, a minor addition which i always look for in a toilet. The room was fully carpeted also.


Friends and Neighbors (Makati)

Friends and Neighbors has been around quite some time. This was one of my sister's favorite restaurants when she was still in Manila.

Yesterday, after a delayed flight we stopped at Friends and Neighbors for a very late lunch.
We ordered the following Laing, kinilaw na bangus, pork with mushroom and a soup dish which i forgot what it was (?!).
The pork with mushroom was as usual satisfying and filling. The gravy was as delicious as the last time i had it. The laing and kilawin were good too.

Prices at Friends and Neighbors are affordable. The staff are very courteous and efficient.
Friends and Neighbors is located along P. Burgos Street, Makati. Fronting Sts Peter and Paul Church.