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Shrimp Bucket (UP Town Center, QC)

Last Sunday, after Centris we went to Shrimp Bucket in UP Town Center for lunch. The inside was full so we just got the tables outside. We bought their Salted Egg Shrimp, Mussels, Beef Short Ribs, Fish and Chips and Fried Squid. I was not able to get the names of the dishes but that is it more or less.

We were first served the fried squid. It was really delicious and will definitely order it again. The squid was very tender and it was really tasty. The dipping vinegar complemented the squid.

Next to be served were the Shrimps, Mussels, Beef Ribs and Fish and Chips.
The Beef ribs was very salty. Though the beef was tender, overall it was a dish not worth ordering. 

The mussels were very good. They were presented in a plastic bag and buckets provided for the trash. The chorizo sauce was sinful. Crabmeat Fat was probably included and it was just sinful but delicious.

Next was the salted egg shrimps which were also served in a plastic bag. It was good but personally do not like it that much. T…

Pangasinan Day Trip

Last Wednesday we decided to take our Brand new Hyundai Grand Starex for a test drive and the lucky destination we chose, Pangasinan! 
We left the house at 6am. We Paid toll of 45 at Balintawak Toll then we filled up our starex with Fuel at Petron. We then Paid 173 at Dau Toll. Paid 104 at TPLEX. Paid 164 at end of TPLEX. 

We first Stopped at Sto Tomas Church in Pangasinan. The church was just located along the road. It was a bit far from the municipal hall. 

After the Sto Tomas Church we then stopped at the Churches of Alcala and Bautista. It was my first time to see those 3 Churches. Next we visited a Church that is new to me, the Church of Bayambang. 

After visiting the Church of Bayambang we stopped at a Supermarket in San Carlos to buy Bocayo. Afterwards i went to visit the Church of San Carlos.
Lunch was next at Lingayen. We stopped at a Restaurant we randomly saw. The restaurant was called Biggs. The food was good and cheap. 

Next Stop was Alaminos. We went to the Wharf where the boa…

Noodle King Pares & Mami House (La Loma, QC)

Yesterday, after we had step boards installed on our brand new Hyundai Grand Starex we stopped at Noodle King for Merienda. The last time we ate here was probably last year.
We ordered their beef pares. Eating beef pares transports me back to my college days where we will eat pares along Vito Cruz.

I really enjoyed the Beef Pares of Noodle King. The beef was very tasty and the rice really complemented the beef pares.
Noodle King is located along N Amoranto, La Loma, Quezon City

Farinas Farinas Empanada (White Plains, Quezon City)

Yesterday, i went to Farinas Empanada to buy Empanada. I took a break from waiting at the bank. My number was 457 and the number they were calling when i left was just 200.

I got the Ultimate Empanada for 99 Pesos. Then also saw they have dinakdakan too, ordered that too for 130 plus rice. My buddy M ordered Miki.

The dinakdakan was so-so. The dinakdakan which our caretaker makes is  much much better. The empanada was so so too. The miki according to M was a failure.

Jade Palace Restaurant (Pasig City)

This afternoon we went to Jade Palace for Merienda. We were just supposed to buy Pata Hamon for Mama but ended up eating there.
We ordered their Bola Bola Siopao, Hakaw, Beef Wanton Mami.

Now for the Review:
The siopao was over steamed. The siopao dough was too soft for me. The bola bola was good but i would have preffered it to have salted egg. Charlies has better Siopao.

The Hakaw's skin was rather over done just like the siopao dough. Though it was good.

The beef wanton meanwhile was a revelation. It was very tasty. The noodles were cooked just right too.
Overall it was a satisfying visit. Service was fast and efficient.

Tim Ho Wan (Megamall, Mandsluyong)

Yesterday Afternoon we went to Megamall to buy a Clothes Dryer at SM Appliance and when we passed by Tim Ho Wan there was no line so after buying the dryer we decided to eat there.
We informed the girl who was taking seat reservations that we were 3. She told us to wait. In a few minutes she asked us if we were complete. We said yes and asked the reason for this. She said they will only give the table to those physically present and if there was someone not present then you will have to wait for that person.

Anyway, we were seated and menus were already on the table (their placemat is the menu) and a checklist & pencil was there where we will put our order.

We got the following:
Baked Bun with BBQ Pork - Delicious hot buns with very tasty BBQ Pork filling. A definite must order.

Prawn Dumpling - very fresh tasting prawns. Delicious. Another must order.

Beef Ball with Bean Curd Skin - though it was good. I am not really a fan of beef ball.

Rice with Chicken Sausage and Mushroom - it was g…

House of Minis (Glorietta, Makati)

Last thursday we went to Glorietta in Makati to pick up the plants i had reserved with Mamabels of Bacolod.

After paying for my plants we went to their Food Court (Called Food Choices) for a late lunch. I decided to go with House of Minis. I ordered their Regular Tbone Steak for 305 Pesos. I had it cooked well done.

After a few minutes my steak was out. It was served on a sizzling plate. Gravy was poured over it.

I enjoyed my steak. It was tender and tasty, the gravy was very good too. It complemented the steak.
House of Minis in Glorietta is located at Food Choices.

Pat Pat's Kansi (Makati)

For today's lunch we went to Pat Pat's Kansi. The last time we ate at Pat Pat's was probably 4 years ago. I could not remember anymore how their food tasted.

Upon entering the Restaurant, their waitress greeted us and gave us their menu.

We ordered their Bulalo, Grilled Pork Belly, Grilled Squid and leche flan. Our order arrived after a few minutes. The first to arrive was the Bulalo (Kansi). It was a Humungous bone in a small bowl. It was delicious! There were some meat at the bottom but not too much. So that was why the table beside us also ordered a bowl of laman.

Next was the Grilled Pork Belly. I thought that it was kinda expensive for such a small portion but when i tasted it. It was delicious!

The grilled squid was equally delicious too, it was cooked right. Though i do find it quite expensive at 240 pesos.

The leche flan meanwhile was quite forgettable. It wasnt as fine tasting as the usual leche flan i usually like.
Anyway, it was a delicious lunch which i really …

The Lotus Garden Hotel (Puerto Princesa, Palawan)

When i was looking for a Hotel in Puerto Princesa i was looking for a Hotel close to the Airport. Lotus Garden was close and i was surprised at the Very Low Rate in Agoda. I booked the hotel for 2 nights.
I never got to read the reviews, only after i booked the hotel. The reviews were mixed, some gave it excellent reviews and some some really bad reviews.
I was already looking for an alternate place to stay. But i said to myself that i have stayed in much worse rooms so it will be nothing new.

On the day we arrived at Lotus Garden we were greeted by a smiling face. I gave her my Agoda Voucher and she told us to sit first. She also told us to have coffee first while they prepare the room. It was a good sign. 

The hotel compound is rather small, only a few rooms but it was charming. The presence of Lotus ponds gave it an exotic also had a tree house which added more to its charm.

While having our coffee another lady approached us. She will be preparing the room first and we said okay…