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Las Pinas Day Trip (Saint Andrew's Cathedral and Santo Nino)

The last time I saw the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ was during a Field Trip when i was probably Grade 1 or 2. That was almost 30 Years ago. So we decided to visit the Bamboo Organ last Sunday, but the Church we visited turned out to be another Church!! When I looked at the Plaque outside the Church I saw Saint Joseph Cathedral, my eyes were probably playing a trick on me. It was only this morning when i ulpoaded the pictures i took that i saw that what was written on the plaque was Saint Andrew's Cathedral!! This is definitely another reason for us to go back to Las Pinas again. 
Saint Andrew's Church is located along Quirino Road in Las Pinas.

After the visit to Saint Andrew's Cathedral we proceeded to the Santo Nino de Providencia Chapel in 65 Aurora Pijuan Street, BF Resort, Las Pinas. This small chapel, this is actually just a residential house with a small chapel built outside. In this chapel, the Miraculous Santo Nino de Providencia is housed. The Santo Nino de Providenc…

Halo Halo Break @ Original Digman Halo Halo, Bacoor, Cavite

We suddenly had a craving for Halo Halo yesterday. Since Bacoor was near our Destination for the Day (Las Pinas), we went to Original Digman Halo Halo after we visited Saint Andrew Cathedral and Santo Nino de Providencia. We were supposed to go to the Bamboo Organ but I made a mistake and mistook the Cathedral for it!!  We arrived at Digman Halo Halo almost 11am. We ordered 2 Halo Halo (Priced at 55.00) and 2 Siopao. The Halo Halo was very good. They do not have HALO-HALO with Ice Cream here by the way. The Sahog was plentiful and definitely fresh. It is my favorite Halo Halo now! Their HALO-HALO definitely merits not just a 2nd Visit but more Visits. The siopao was good too. Though the dough could have been softer.  I am surprised why it is not included in several Top Halo Halo places. Though the long drive could definitely be a factor as most of the Top Halo Halo places are located just within Metro Manila.

Agila Beach Resort (Anilao, Batangas)


Les Caraibes Beach Resort @ Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

After looking at several Beach Resorts in Laiya, we ended up at Les Caraibes Beach Resort (the other resorts we went to were either full of people, did not have any restaurant, closed for a wedding, fully booked or did not accept any day trips). Les Caraibes was practically empty, there was nobody here except the Resort Staff. It was beside resorts which were full of people (Dolores and another resort). 
The Entrance was priced at 280 per head (this is if you will buy food from them) and 380 per head if you will bring your own food (they have grilling stations beside the picnic hut). The Staff here were friendly and efficient. The food was good also. 
The Beach at Laiya is not White as in Boracay White but good enough for a Beach just 2 hours away from Manila. The water was clear except for the presence of leaves, branches and other Man Made Litter floating on the water. The beach had those occasional trash (wrappers, junk food wraps, plastic, etc) left by people with disregard for the …