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Army Navy @ Tagaytay City

We were not supposed to go to ARMY NAVY, but to Buon Giorno. Since it was already getting dark it was hard to notice where the entrance was so we ended up at the parking area of ARMY NAVY. Good thing we decided to park here as there was a parking fee of P100 at Buon Giorno if you did not buy anything (we did not buy anything at Buon Giorno since what we were looking for was not available).
At ARMY NAVY we ordered the Burger and the fried chicken. I was hungry for Fries too but it was sold out already, as well as the onion rings. 
The Chicken (Fearless Fried Chicken) was very good!! The skin was so crispy. It was fried only when you order it so you are assured that it is fresh. The Chicken had a pepper gravy on the side (my sister did not like the gravy but for me it was okay, especially if you are hungry!). I really enjoyed the Fearless Chicken and while i am writing this and looking at the picture of the Fried Chicken makes me hungry.
The burgers i just took home. It was the perfect mid…

Saint John the Baptist Church @ Lian, Batangas


San Vicente Ferrer Parish @ Tuy, Batangas


Church of the Immaculate Concepcion @ Balayan, Batangas


Church of Saint Raphael @ Calaca, Batangas


Parokya ng Mahan na Poon ng Banal na Crus @ Lemery, Batangas


Visita Iglesia de Batangas

We were just supposed to go to Taal and visit the Taal Basilica, Caysasay Church and the Well of Sta Lucia but our trip turned out to be a Batangas Visita Iglesia. 
My sister said that on a Visita Iglesia, you should Visit 7 Churches and make a wish.  We actually made a visit to 8 Churches plus a Visit to 2 Ruins of Churches (I think that doesnt count as they are RUINS). 
We started the Batangas Visita Iglesia with a Visit to the Saint Isidore the Farmer Church located in Cuenca Town.

The 2nd Church we visited was the Saint Martin of Tours Basilica or the Taal Basilica which is the Biggest Catholic Church in Asia.

3rd Church was the Our Lady of Caysasay Church.

4th Church was the Church of Jesus Christ Holy Cross in Lemery Batangas (This Church is relatively young)

The 5th Church was the Church of Calaca Batangas.

6th Stop was at the Balayan Church or the Immaculate Concepcion Church.

7th was the Church of Tuy located in the town of Tuy.

and Finally the last Church we visited, the John the Bap…

Sixto Castelo Lopez Ancestral Housen (Casa Grande) @ Balayan, Batangas

I noticed this house on our way to Balayan Church. It is an imposing house so it will be impossible not to notice it. Upon closer inspection I found a Marker indicating that it was the house of Don Sixto Castelo Lopez. 
Don Sixto Castelo Lopez was a Revolutionary Propagandist and a friend of Dr Jose Rizal. They were classmates at the Ateneo de Manila. Sixto Lopez was one of the richest men in Balayan, he owned vast tracts of land in Batangas. Socialites Diana Jean Lopez and Marybeth Lopez de Leon are grandchildren of Don Sixto. Famous Model and Socialite Claudia Bermudez and Congresswoman of Tarlac Nikki Prieto Teodoro are Great Grand Children of Don Sixto.

Our Lady of Caysasay Church @ Taal, Batangas