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Baguio Day Trip with Mrs Ang

My Lunch at Forest House

The View from the Forest House

The Forest House Bistro and Cafe, Voted one of the Philippines Top Restaurants by the Philippine Tatler.

Baguio Cathedral, were Mrs Ang met with A & P

Mrs Ang (My Boss) needed to meet her lawyer in Baguio (Atty PS) to discuss how she can settle the unpaid obligations of the heirs of her friend Mrs CC who died. Mrs CC bought 2 Properties from Mrs Ang which had remained unpaid.
So I accompanied Mrs Ang to Baguio. We met with A and P (distant Relatives of Mrs Ang's husband) at the Baguio Cathedral. They contacted Atty PS for Mrs Ang. Atty PS was not yet in his Office so we decided to have lunch since it was almost Lunchtime. Mrs Ang was asking where we can eat? I told her that there were a lot of Restaurants in Camp John Hay. P said that there was a good restaurant near Camp John Hay, though a Bit Pricey, the Forest House. Mrs Ang was unperturbed when she heard the word pricey. Mrs Ang is who you can call a Show Off, so she sai…