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Exotik Restaurant (Kalayaan, Laguna)

Restaurant located in Kalayaan, Laguna. They serve Filipino Fare. They serve exotik dishes here like frogs, snake, etc.

I am not really a fan of their food. Their food is not bad, but definitely not Outstanding. The ambience makes up for the shortcomings of the food.

Shanghai Pudong Quanjude Restaurant

This is a Restaurant located at the 3rd Floor of the Purple Mountain Hotel in Shanghai.

The following dishes were served:
Sweet And Sour Pork - This is one delicious Sweet and Sour Pork. Probably the best i have tasted.

Tofu Dish - Did not taste this so I cannot comment about it.

Noodles - Though it doesnt have anything besides the greens, This is one delicious noodle dish!

Bread - Very Tasty!


Peking Duck - I am not really a Fan of Peking Duck, just a few pieces and I already give up. Tastes like any other Peking Duck. Be sure to drink lots of tea after eating Peking Duck.

Soup - Molo Soup. Very Good!

Fish With Leeks in Soy Sauce - Not too good, The Fish Meat did not taste nice. They definitely should use Ginger with this dish. And add more leeks.

Shanghai Museum (Shanghai, China)

The Shanghai Museum is a 4 level world famous museum of ancient chinese art. The museum was established in 1952 while the present building was built in 1996.
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Blue Coast at Ramada Plaza (Shanghai China)

We had buffet dinner here as part of the tour. The buffet was at the Blue Coast restaurant. The buffet spread was a mix of indian, chinese and international dishes.
There was also a barbeque corner. Where you can choose from beef, seafoods, vegetables, etc to be cooked by their waiting cook.

I got the white chicken (the ginger sauce was sooo salty), bbq beef, pork, squid and corn (the pork and beef were bland, the squid had a weird taste while the corn was probably old already)

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AP Plaza/AP Xinyang (Shanghai,China)

The AP Plaza / AP Xinyang is a huge airconditioned bazaar. Located at the basement of the Science and Technology Museum.

They sell bags (mostly imitation), fabrics, pearls, silver, fake watches. It is not as extensive as the Chatuchak Market of Bangkok.

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Zhiweiguan Restaurant

This is a restaurant located at the 4th floor of the Hi Tech Plaza in Shanghai.

They served the following:

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Acrobatic Show (Shanghai, China)

The Acrobatic Show is one show that every tourist (or even non tourists) should not miss. It combines romance, comedy, action, suspense, action all in one. It makes you wonder if some of the acrobats have any bones at all.

The last scene, the one with the motorcycles encircling the inside of a globe is very dangerous but very entertaining. If you want a night in Shanghai that you will never forget. Watch the Acrobatic Show!

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Shanghai and the English Language

English in Shanghai is still not widely spoken or understood. Rarely will you see restaurants or shops that have english words except for the store name. At restaurants you will just have to manage by looking at pictures and decide if that particular food is okay or not. We had a hard time trying to buy some vitamins. The sales lady does not know any english at all!! She even had to search for someone who knew english. We were going to pay in Credit Card but when they swiped the card they were asking for a pin. Shanghai is a beautiful city but the lack of people able to speak English makes it hard for tourists to buy things, eat and even go around.
There are more than 1 billion Chinese speaking people in the world. It is time that we should learn another language besides english. I think that is what China wants, that we adapt to them and not the other way around. 

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Jiangnansilk Museum

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Yu Yuan Bazaar

Yuyuan Market, or Yuyuan Bazaar, is located next to the Yuyuan Garden. Originally there was just a temple (the City God Temple) that built in the 15th Century. Today the area is also home to a lively market that specializes in traditional Chinese arts and crafts. 

Over 100 years ago there was an increase in pilgrims who came to worship at the temple. As a result businesses and peddlers began to open up shops in the immediate area to cater to these pilgrims. Since that time this market has continued to grow in importance. Today you can find more than 100 different shops and restaurants in the immediate area. It is a place where locals and tourists go to find unique items to purchase and grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. 
You can pick some antiques, silk fans, bamboo articles, shell carvings, paintings, or you try some Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings), vegetarian buns, chicken soup to experience a little of the Shanghai culture. It is surely pleasing, and you will …