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Pares Mami House Boni

Whenever we have trouble deciding where to eat, we just end up at Pares Mami House in Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong.When I first ate there it was their Pares Beef which I ordered, it was one of the best pares for me. Then I also tried the tapsilog, porksilog, sizzling chicken, etc. All were good tasting and priced affordably too. So whenever I cannot decide where to eat, Pares Mami House first comes to my mind.

Golden Merengue Bakeshop

Yema Rolls Php 180 for a Box of 10 Merengue Php 50 for a Pack This is the Golden Merengue Bakeshop The Golden Merengue Bakeshop is an unassuming bakeshop that would not merit a first and second look. But the goodies they sell here would change that. They sell merengue and yema rolls, and both are delicious. The yema rolls are soft rolls with yema filling inside, not too sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness. This priced at 180 for a box of 10. The merengue is good too and priced 50 for a pack.
The Golden Merengue Bakeshop is located at JP Rizal Street and at 48 Martirez Street in Lian, Batangas. The Merengue is sold at JP Rizal while the Yema Rolls are sold at 48 Martirez.

Calleza Grill Antipolo

Just came from Calleza Grill Antipolo. Lunch consisted of Miso Soup, at 150 only and it was enough for 10, tbone steak and lemon chicken. Miso soup was okay, since it was just me and M, more than 3/4ths was left. The steak was okay but not outstanding. The gravy tasted like soap! They probably sprinkled it with soap powder! Haha. 

The lemon chicken did not taste anything lemony, but tasted more like curry, it was rather bland tasting too. I was not satisfied.

Brunch at Emperor

Fish Fillet in Corn Sauce with Corn, Carrots and Peas Asparagus Roasting Combination (Duck, White Chicken, and a chinese vegetable?) Appetize of Singkamas, Carrots and Pipino Yang Chow Fried Rice We just had brunch at Emperor. We ordered the following, Roasting Combination, Fish Fillet with Corn Sauce, an Asparagus dish and Yang Chow Fried Rice. The only dish I did not like was the fish fillet, tasted bland. Overall it was a satisfying brunch.

San Jose Mindoro Day Trip

My friend A and husband J had been inviting me to go to their place for years. A and J bought their dog H from me and H lives with them in San Jose together with 5 other dogs of the same breed. Last March 18 thanks to Promo of Cebu Pacific I finally saw what San Jose looked like. Everything that A told me about San Jose was true. It is a very laid back place indeed.
We were met at the Airport by J (San Jose's Airport looked like a Typical Provincial Airport, like the one in Tagbilaran, Dumaguete, Old Bacolod Airport) then we proceeded to J's Resort, the Sikatuna Resort (which is less than 5 minutes from the airport). There we had breakfast of Danggit, Egg, Longaniza and Fried Garlic Rice. The Danggit was the best I have tasted, it was not too salty like the usual danggit. The Longaniza was delicious!, not too fatty like other longaniza. I will definitely ask them where they buy this the next time i go to San Jose. After Breakfast it was off to their house to visit H and the Ga…

Airplane Food (PAL)

In every flight, it is the food that I look forward to the most. Some passengers might not give the food served during flights some attention but for me it is the most important part of the flight, aside Safety of course. :-) Here are some of the food served during some PAL flights that i have taken.

Manila-Singapore-Jakarta Mabuhay Class Breakfast

Manila-Singapore-Jakarta Mabuhay Class Main Course Breakfast

Singapore-Jakarta Mabuhay Class Brunch

Manila-Saigon Fiesta Class Brunch

Bangkok-Manila Fiesta Class Lunch

Manila-Singapore Lunch

Singapore-Manila Fiesta Class Lunch

Manila-Singapore-Jakarta Mabuhay Class Snack
Manila-Singapore-Jakarta Mabuhay Class Appetizer

Manila-Singapore-Jakarta Mabuhay Class Lunch

Singapore-Jakarta Mabuhay Class Snack


Just discovered this food store, i just cannot get over their chicken chop and peppered corn. I am hooked!! My sister is the one who originally asked me to go to Serenitea and on my first order I ordered 6 Chicken Chop and 5 Peppered Corn! All were wiped out! I really love the chicken chop, it is not too salty like the other Chicken snacks sold by similar shops. So far I have tried the Okinawa milk tea, Hokkaido milk tea and choco milk tea. Nice thing about Serenitea is that their food is healthy. I cant wait to go back to Serenitea again!!
Serenitea is located at Jose Abad Santos street in San Juan.

Cebu Pacific's One-Day Piso Sale

I was able to buy 3 Tickets going to Bacolod. The Fare amounted to P97.20 for the Manila - Bacolod - Manila Trip! Talk about ridiculously low fare. The Taxi fare from my house to Terminal 3 will even amount to more than P100, so Airfare to Bacolod is much cheaper!! 2 of those tickets are just day trips, and 1 is an overnight stay. For the overnight stay I chose the seats so airfare upped to 297.20! Still very cheap! Anyway, i plan on going to all the food places in Bacolod that I have not yet visited.
I am just confused, Cebu Pacific put on its ad, sale is on June 11,2010. It is just June 10 but there is already a sale going on, A lot of seats have already been sold out so by tomorrow no seats will be available anymore.

Tapsi ni Vivian for Breakfast, Bulawan for Lunch

We had breakfast at Tapsi Ni Vivian in Marikina. They have moved to a much bigger lot since the last time we ate there. Their Restaurant now is classier and modern compared to the old one. I ordered their Tapsilog while M ordered the Soup #5. I could not remember how their Tapsilog tasted like before but before I remembered to take a picture of the Tapsilog it was almost finished. So no use in taking a picture of a plate that is almost 75% finished. I really cannot compare their Tapsilog with others since I think they are almost all the same but this one I liked, the cut of beef was just right, tender and cut into small pieces. The rice was good too. It must have been good since I finished the whole plate off. The Soup #5, the broth tasted good, and since I am not really a fan of Soup #5 could not comment any further.
For Lunch, it was off to Bulawan again. This time we ordered the following.
Crispy Pata - was not as good as the ones before, but still good. The skin could have been fri…


Our flight to Manila was delayed. It took such a long time for SIA to load the passengers. It was a full flight. Krisworld at this flight as there were just less than 20 channels to choose from. I had the omelette for brunch. The other choice was the fish with rice. Mushroom Omelette with Bacon and Ham, grilled tomato and gratin potatoes. Braised Fish with hot bean sauce, vegetables and rice Ice Cream Bar for dessert But overall, it was a pleasant flight.

Another Singapore Vacation

This my nth trip to Singapore and the 1st for the year.

Day 1

After clearing immigration (which is now faster thanks to the E Passport, no more typing by the Immigration Officer) nanay and i immediately went to baggage claim to get our stuff. Then to the taxi line to get a taxi that will take us to the apartment. Nanay and I were supposed to go out for lunch but got a text message from M that they are on their way to the apartment. R and L arrived an hour after M. We just stayed at the apartment for the rest of the day. I was too tired and sleepy to go out.

Day 2

Got up quite early as we were going to Universal Studios at Resorts World at Sentosa. Around 830, me,nanay,L and R got a taxi to take us to the Festive Hotel at Resorts World. Taxi from the Moulmein Apartment to Resorts World was S$17.00. Check in was still at 3pm so we just checked in and left our bags with the concierge. We then went to breadtalk to get something to eat since Universal Studios does not open till 10am. After eati…