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Corner Tree's KareKare

I had a first taste of Vegetarian KareKare just a few minutes ago. Though I did eat lunch, it was just a taste so I did not break my promise that I won't eat lunch anymore. Technically though hehe
The taste is just like KareKare but without meat. The bagoong was made with something else aside from alamang so the taste was weird (they do not use anything with Eyes, and since Alamang have eyes they did not use it for their bagoong). Vegetarian is definitely not for me, but if I need to eat Vegetarian for health, I would definitely consider it.
Corner Tree Restaurant is located along Jupiter Street, Bel Air, Makati. Beside it is Aristocrat Restaurant.
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Cara Mia

I just had a European Breakfast. Salcicce al Forno. Italian Sausage, scrambled egg, potatoe fritters and a piece of focaccia bread. It is quite heavy so will definitely skip lunch today.
Before they just used to be a gellato place, now they also serve food.

Cara Mia is located in Greenhills, San Juan. It is beside Amici and Abensons's
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BBQ Makati

One of my favorite Chicken Places is BBQ Chicken, a korean restaurant chain specializing in Chicken. I always oder their Teri Q Golden Wings. It is super delicious. It has the right blend of sweetness and saltiness combined with the chicken fried to just the right crispiness.

BBQ Chicken is located at Jupiter Street, Bel Air, Makati. Just near the corner is Makati Avenue. It is open Mondays to Sundays. They open 1030am. They accept credit cards. Check out their daily specials.
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Coconut Grill in Capas, Tarlac

The last time I ate here was in 2003. It was different then, now there is a Resort, Azaya Resort. Gone is the sign of Coconut Grill, in its place is the sign for Azaya Resort. At the front before were native huts now there are concrete huts.

We ordered their Set Menu 1 priced at 1300. It consisted of Pancit Buko, Sinigang na Hipon, Bicol Express, Pork Binagoongan, Fried PlaPla, Chicken Skin and Sylvanna Balls. the food was good and satisfying. Will definitely eat here again if I am in the area.
Coconut Grill is located inside the Azaya Resort Compund. Located along McArthur Highway Barangay Estrada in Capas, Tarlac.

Sinigang na Hipon Pancit Buko (Buko Strips used instead of Pancit Noodles) Bicol Express Pork Binagoongan Fried PlaPla Chicken Skin

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Monasterio de Tarlac

Whenever Tarlac is mentioned, you will never think of anything worth visiting there but today we discovered a place that you would not think is in Tarlac.
Nestled up in the mountains of San Jose, Tarlac you will find the Monasterio de Tarlac. It is a beautiful place which you would not think exists in Tarlac. Inside their small church is deposited a fragment of the cross where Jesus Christ was nailed. It is said to possess miraculous powers that can heal those who believe in it.

The Monasterio de Tarlac can be reached via 2 ways. The first is via Tarlac City and the other via Capas. It will take 2 hours to get to Tarlac City plus another hour to get to the Monastery.

There are picnic tables at the Monastery Grounds. There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy food items made by the monks. They also sell drinks and some biscuits, junk food here but no meals so bring your own food if you plan on being here during lunch hour.

Youssef's Shawarma

When I was a kid my sister R would always drop by Rustan's Makati to buy Shawarma at Youssef's. The Shawarma at Youssef is not the rolled type, but the pita bread type. This is the type I like. And inside it is stuffed with Onions and tomatoes. They added Cucumber slices before, and now lettuce (I usually ask them not to put lettuce or cucumber as the shawarma tastes different) Then white sauce added. I usually order minimum of 6 of this. This is one of my all time favorite comfort food. The only branch I know of Youssef is at Megamall (at the Supermarket), I do not know if their branch at Rustan's Makati is still there. The last time we bought shawarma there was 25 years ago!! Youssef's Shawarma is located at SM MegaMall Supermarket. Price of the Regular Type beef Shawarma is P48.00

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Jala Jala, Rizal

I always wondered what Jala Jala looked like. Today I was able to see this municipality. Jala Jala is a sleepy town located after Pililla. they do not have an old church like the other towns in Rizal. There are no Restaurants here (based from what I saw) also. 

Despite this simple way of life in Jala Jala, the untouched beauty of its surroundings more than makeup for the lack of tourist amenities.

Searching for Jala Jala in the Internet, I stumbled upon a link to a Resort in Jala Jala. The resort is Concorsia Vista Resort. (Click on the Resort Name to go to their website)

Welcome Arch to Jala Jala Jala Jala Public Market Road to Wawa JalaJala Bank The Old Municipal Hall of JalaJala New Municipal Hall
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Bulawan Floating Restaurant Pililla, Rizal

We just had lunch at my Favorite Restaurant of all time, at Bulawan Floating Restaurant in Pililla, Rizal.We ordered Caldereta (My new Favorite Dish), Crispy Dalag and Sinigang na Kanduli sa Miso.The Caldereta as usual was delicious! But this time it was tastier! Probably becaause of the extra Cheese I requested. The Crispy dalag was Crispy, the fish meat was tender. The Sinigang was okay too. A pitcher of Buko and 4 cups of rice finished our order. The service by Mike, as usual was Excellent! Our Bill totalled P708.00.Crispy DalagSinigang Sa Miso na KanduliCaldereta (With Olives)"Sent via BlackBerry from Smart"

Swedish Meatballs for Dinner

When I got home, a plate of Swedish Meatballs and Potatoes was waiting for me, plus cream sauce on the side. I had this same dish 2 days ago but somehow it tastes so delicious now. I was able to finish everything on the plate. My sister bought the meatballs and cream sauce mix from Ikea just recently. It is now one of my favorite dishes. And will definitely be one of my To Buy things in Singapore. This is the Cream Sauce Mix which you can buy at Ikea Stores. This is the best partner to the Swedish Meatballs. "Sent via BlackBerry from Smart"

PingPing Lechon at La Loma

We had Lechon for breakfast today at PingPing's Lechon.
I was disappointed with PingPing's Lechon! Did not like the lechon too much plus the lechon sauce tasted funny. It did not taste like the usual Lechon Sauce wherein you would be able to taste the texture of the liver, this one tasted like it was overdosed with extenders.
Did not like the dinuguan too. It had whole pig's blood in it.
The only dish which I managed to eat was the ChopSuey. Will try the other lechon restaurants when I am in the La Loma area and will definitely steer clear from PingPing's.
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Sta Cruz Art Trip and Lunch at Bay

We went to Santa Cruz, Laguna today. I visited Nineveh Art Gallery owned by a friend of mine. I got works by Pagarigan and Brenda Fajardo. I also saw a work by Gabby Barredo, when I asked L I was shocked at how cheap it was. Upon closer inspection, it is made of wood not metal. Still it is a very low price for a Barredo.
Nineveh Gallery
Some Art Pieces Available at Nineveh

Lunch at Palaisdaan, Bay Lunch was at Palaisdaan in Bay. Ordered inihaw na hito, tinolang manok and pinakbet ilocano. The Tinolang Manok tasted a bit bland, Our Cook L and B can cook better Tinola. The Inihaw na Hito was the usual Delicious Hito that I know, the fish meat is delicious, none of the grainy texture that some hito have. The Pinakbet Ilokano was disappointing, it had nothing except Okra Okra and Sitaw.
Inihaw na Hito Nineveh Art Gallery is located in Villa Silangan in San Pablo, Laguna
Palaisdaan is located in Bay, Laguna. Along the HighWay. After Samaral Restaurant.

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2 Day Singapore Trip

Off all my trips to Singapore. This is probably the shortest. It won't be even a 48 hour trip.

Day 1-August 19

Our flight PR 505 left on time (740pm). Food served was a choice between Chicken Estofado and Fish Curry. I chose the Chicken Estofado which I did not like. The fish would probably have been a better option. It was served with a dinner roll, a salad and dessert from Bizu (Mango Pannacotta).

The film they showed was The Bounty Hunter, a lousy film by Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler, no wonder it was a flop at the box office. The plane landed a bit ahead of schedule (11pm, schedule was 1115pm) and in less than 30 minutes we were in the taxi. Getting to the Apartment was Fast! Fare amounted to SGD16. Did not sleep until 130am.
Day 2-August 20 Woke up at 6am. It was raining in Singapore so just stayed at the Apartment. At 1030am we had a nice brunch of nasi lemak, char siu pork and another pork dish similar to our lechon kawali. At 1230 we left the Apartment. Took Bus then …

Sariaya, Quezon

Sariaya is a First Class Municipality in Quezon Province. It is famous for Grand Old Ancestral Houses built during the Copra Heydey. It also has the distinction of having an Art Deco Town Hall (Probably the Only Town Hall in the Country)

Sariaya's Art Deco Town Hall

Jose Rizal Monument in front of the Town Hall

The Saint Francis of Assisi Church

This is the Gala-Enriquez House, designed by the son of Juan Luna, Andres Luna.

Antique Hunting in Sariaya

We went to Sariaya today. I had 1 objective why I went to this town. And that is to look for 8 Chairs to go with my Narra Dining Table which I purchased from an ad at Sulit.
The place I had in mind to look for the Chairs I wanted was at the Sina Una Antique Shop. Upon entering the Shop, Tony De Luna greeted me. I asked Tony if he had 8 Identical Chairs for a dining table. He had none but there was 4 Mulawin Chairs which were identical, and he suggested that I just get the other 2 Mulawin chairs which were different from the 2 and just place them on each side of the table. The Chairs are nice, made from very Heavy Mulawin Wood and at a price of P1,500 each and P2,000 for the other two it was already a good buy.
So my quest to look for Chairs is finished, next is where to look for a Platera, but there is one in the house so maybe, it can do...

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Tayabas

We had lunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Tayabas today (this is the Main branch of the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan at Bay). I was expecting that there would be few people there since it was a thursday, but when we got there I was wrong. The parking was fulll of cars. And when we went inside there were no waiters to greet us. They probably did not expect the influx of customers.
We ordered the following, Sinigang na Sampaloc (lacks sourness), Crispy Tadyang (the one served at Bangus is better but this one is way way cheaper), Inihaw na Talong (the bagoong isda which accompanied the talong tasted funny), Inihaw na Hito (Delicious!!), Rice and fresh buko juice. Overall it was a good lunch. Food quality is the same as their branch in Bay, Laguna.

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Whenever I have a craving for Pichi Pichi, I go to AMBER'S. They have the best Pichi Pichi for me. Before I did not like pichi but it all changed when I go to taste Amber's Pichi Pichi. They have 2 Variants of the Pichi Pichi, the one with Niyog priced at P4 a piece and the one with Cheese priced at P5 a piece.

Amber's Makati
Cheese Pichi Pichi 5.00/Pc
Pichi Pichi 4.00/Pc

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