Vienna, Austria

A Country that I had always dreamed of going to, Austria. And that Dream became a Reality when we decided to make a Stopover to Vienna on October 16, 2006. After our Spain and Portugal Vacation. We stayed in a Very Hotel in the Heart of Vienna, though the Room was very small, our stay was very pleasant. The staff of the Hotel were very pleasant. In Austria, we visited the Palace of the Hapsburgs's, The Schonbrunn Palace. Though much smaller than the Versailles, it was more Charming. It did not look as formal as the Versailles, it had an air of Classic Elegance accentuated with beautiful gardens which added to its Appeal. I also had an enjoyable time browsing at the many Art Works for sale at the Dorotheum. We also Visited a lot of Museums in Vienna. It was just a 1 night and 2 day stay in Vienna, but definitely worth it.


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