Macau and Hongkong Vacation

Our Room at the Venetian Hotel and Casino

I think this is the Hotel Owned by Jackie Chan

The Goddess of Mercy Statue

The Ruins of Saint Paul

This is where we had our Breakfast on our last day in Macau. Foggo Samba, an all you can eat Buffet. Delicious!

My Singapore based Sister M and her Family were going to Macau so we decided to join them. Our Macau Trip was from September 4-6. With a 6 Hour Stop Over in HongKong (Pal changed their Macau Schedules so PAL rerouted our Ticket to HongKong and gave us Cotai Jet Tickets from the Taipa Ferry Terminal in Macau to HongKong, Our Schedule became Manila-Macau-Hongkong-Manila). Here is what happened on our Trip.

Day 1 September 4
The usual Check In at Airport and waiting for Boarding. Upon arrival at Macau's Airport i noticed that their Airport is quite small. After exiting, we looked for the Shuttle to take us to the Venetian. The distance from the Airport to the Venetian was probably just around 5 Minutes. The Venetian from a Distance looked Massive and when we arrived at the Venetian it was as if we were yet again in another country. The Venetian is very Impressive, Opulent more so. With lots of Gold Painted Furnishings. It was like a Palace that Kings and Queens lived in. We had a bit of Difficulty checking in as the Check In girl said that we did not have any reservations despite showing the PAL Voucher!! Anyway after a few minutes of checking and re checking by the Girl it turned out that we were booked under my Mom's name.

We were booked at something like the 17th floor. Upon entering the room at the Venetian, all i can say was WOW. It was an enormous Room. Everything shouted opulence. There was also a huge LCD TV. The bed was something like Former First Lady Imelda Marcos owned. The bathroom was extravagant too.

After resting for a few minutes we went to the shops to look around. Then we were off to the Macau Tower to meet my sister and her family for Dinner. The restaurant at the Macau Tower is located at the Top, in the Revolving thing. So you get a different view all the time. The food here is delicious! So many food to choose from. Their dessert selection was very good too.

After dinner it was back to the hotel. before going back to the room. I decided to go around the shops. I found a Mac Shop. I needed memory for my Mac since it kept hanging everytime i opened iWeb. They said it will take 3 days to put in the memory!! Oh well, i just wont use iWeb.

Day 2 September 5
Breakfast in the hotel, forgot the name but Food was delicious! there was a lot of Dimsum to choose from too. After breakfast we went around the hotel, looked at the outside, inside, looked at the nooks and crannies of the hotel. Then we proceeded to the Ferry Terminal to meet with the Tour Group. We were very early as nobody was there yet. I think it was after 30 Minutes when some Filipinos arrived, and we asked them if they were with the Tour Group. They said they were so we just waited again. After, i think an hour someone with a placard showed up, it was our tour guide. He said that we would have to wait (Again??!!) for the other members of the tour group to arrive from HongKong! I think it was after almost 3 hours when we were able to begin the tour. Our first stop was the Goddess of Mercy Statue (which according to the Tour Guide was constructed with bad Feng Shui). Next was the Macau Tower. We did not go inside, the Tour Guide pointed out the buildings nearby and what it was for. Next was a trip to one of Macau's Temples. Then to Holiday Inn for Buffet Lunch!! After Lunch, it was off to the Ruins of Saint Paul. And finally the last stop, the Hotel Owned by Jackie Chan.

In the evening, we watched Cirque de Soleil's Zaia. I slept during most of the Show! I thought it was just because i was tired, but my Mom and Sister said that it was boring also.

Day 3 September 6
Our last day in Macau. Breakfast was at Foggo Samba, a Brazilian Restaurant. It was an All You Can Eat Breakfast. I forgot what they called it, but it was an All Meat Grilled Breakfast. You are given a Circular Thing which you will turn over to green if you want the meat coming and turn over to the red part if you want to stop. The Meat was just Delicious, even the grilled Pineapple was delicious. It was so stuffing that my Mom said it was enough to sustain her till dinner.

After breakfast we said our goodbyes to my sister and her family. They were going back to Singapore. We took the Cotai Jet to Hongkong, it was a 1 Hour Trip on board the very new Cotai Jet. Upon reaching HongKong we decided to check in our bags at the Check In Counter of the HK Airport in the City. Then it was off to sightseeing in HK. Our first stop was to Artland, i needed to find some Art Supplies to bring back home. after Artland we went to Victoria Peak. Then proceeded to the Airport via the Airport Express. Hong Kong's Airport is very impressive, there were so many shops! I did some shopping since there were so many items on Sale!

Our Trip was enjoyable and tiring at the same time. The transfer to Hong Kong was the most tiring part. So many things have changed in Macau, it was a different Macau compared to what I saw way back in 1988. We were not able to visit everything that Macau had to offer, some other time perhaps. In the very near future!

For more pictures of the Macau Trip please click on this Link Macau Album on PicasaWeb


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