Aling Pining's Crispy Pata (La Loma, Quezon City)

One of Metro Manila's BEST Crispy Pata can be found in a Garage. I found about Aling Pining's Crispy Pata in a FB Comment a few months ago. The Commenter just said the best Crispy Pata can be found in a Garage in Halcon Street in La Loma.

With Just Halcon Street as the address we went to La Loma 2 weeks ago in search of Halcon Street Crispy Pata. When we arrived at Halcon Street we just asked the people there where we can buy Crispy Pata. We passed by it already it turned out. It was indeed just a garage. It had a small sign. Halcon Street Crispy Pata was Aling Pinings Crispy Pata. 

An Old Lady was the one frying the Crispy Pata. While a middle aged woman  was the one accepting orders. We bought a Crispy Pata (P400) and we were on our way.

At home we were eager to finally taste the Crispy Pata. It did not disappoint. The trip to La Loma was worth it. Is it the best? My mom said the one in Marinduque is still the best. For me? Well i need to go back to Marinduque again. Until then can i say if Aling Pining is the best. But definitely, and without question, it is ONE of the BEST Crispy Pata out there.

Aling Pinings is located along Halcon Street. Just before Don Manuel Agregado Street, La Loma, Quezon City.


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