Iloilo Visita Iglesia

Road going to the Iloilo
International Airport
I had always wanted to Visit Iloilo's Churches (and definitely the Miag-Ao Church which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site). Last August 10-11 I finally got my Wish. It was a Visita Iglesia in August!! Though a Visita Iglesia should normally be done during the Holy Week when most Churches are open, any month is okay. The norm is to Visit 7 Churches usually, but we ended up visiting more. For this trip we decided to just commute going to the different Churches (Pedicab, Tricycle, Multi Cab, Jeepney, Bus and Taxi) as renting a Car would be very expensive (when i inquired the usual rate was P2500 for the car excluding gas for self drive).

August 10,2011

Manila-Iloilo City-Santa Barbara-Cabatuan-Janiuay-Iloilo City-Tigbauan-Guimbal-Miagao-San Joaquin-San Jose de Buenavista-Iloilo City

Santa Barbara Church
Our flight departed 8:35am from Manila and arrived Iloilo 9:45am. We then proceeded to the Multi-Cab's which were parked at the Left side of the Airport. Fare was P10 a person going to the Santa Barbara Terminal. At the Terminal we took the same Multi Cab going to Santa Barbara Town which was again P10 a person (the Multi Cab's do not usually go to Town but the driver was heading there anyway so he told us that it was P10 a person). The driver dropped us off at the Santa Barbara Church. Good thing the Church was open. Inside the church it was huge and it boasted of a Stone Retablo. After a few minutes at the Church we went to the Plaza to get a Pedicab (P10 a Person) to the terminal in Sta Barbara. At the Sta Barbara terminal we boarded the Multi Cab to Cabatuan (P20 Person). We went to Cabatuan's Church which is another Old Church and also boasts of a Stone Retable, and something unique about this church is that the Priest's Place is at the middle and not directly beside the Retablo. We spent a few minutes here. We then took a Jeepney to Janiuay (P20.00 Person). Janiuay does not boast anymore of an Old Church, their Old Church was not rebuilt anymore, what is left are the ruins of the old church and beside it is a new Church. After a few minutes in Janiuay we then took a Jeepney that will take us to Iloilo City (P35.00 Person).

The Jeepney stopped at SM Iloilo, since we did not know yet what jeep to take going to Sarabia Hotel (I booked a room thru Agoda for 2000 with Buffet Breakfast, a room which would normally cost 3800++) we just took a Taxi. Taxi fare totaled P61.00! And this was for a distance which did not even take 10 minutes. After checking in at the Sarabia Manor Hotel we took a Taxi to Breakthru Restaurant in Villa (Taxi Fare P106.00). We ordered Crabs, Kilawin Tanigue, Inihaw na Hito, Adobong Pusit. They also gave a plate of Mini Crabs while waiting for our order. Our Bill totaled P845.00 (not bad). After our lunch we went to Arevalo Plaza (P15.00 a person via PediCab) to wait for the Jeepney that will take us to Tigbauan. While we were on the Pedicab we passed by a Church at the Plaza, we asked the Pedicab driver to just drop us off at the Church. We stayed at the Church for a few minutes and also waited for the rains to subside. We boarded a Jeep for Tigbauan (P20 pesos a person). The Tigbauan Church stands out for its interiors. Though notable new, the mosaics inside the church more than compensate for it. After spending a few minutes at the Tigbauan Church we boarded a Jeepney to Guimbal (P15.00 a person). After Guimbal Church we took the Jeepney to Miag-Ao (P12.50 a person).  

Miag-Ao Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally I was in front of MiagAo Church and the details of the Church were truly breathtaking. After our Miagao Tour we boarded a Ceres bus to San Joaquin (P14.00 a person). San Joaquin's Church is considered the most Militaristic and is a National Cultural Treasure. After San Joaquin we decided to go to San Jose in Antique. We boarded a Ceres Bus for San Jose (P48.00 a person). The Trip took around 2.5-3 Hours and I was disappointed in San Jose's Church. The Church was very plain and looked unfinished. After spending a few minutes in San Jose a Van stopped in front of us. It will be a direct trip to Iloilo City (P110.00 a person). Trip back to Iloilo City took just 2 hours. We left San Jose 545pm and arrived in Molo, Iloilo 745pm. We flagged down a Taxi that will take us back to Sarabia Hotel (Fare P54.00).

Since we were already tired from all the commuting. We just decided to have dinner at a Restaurant near the Hotel, Ocean City (just opposite Sarabia Manor). We ordered the following Grilled Marlin, Baked Oysters, Chicharon Bulaklak and a Shrimp dish.

After dinner at Ocean City we went back to Sarabia and called it a day.

August 11,2011

The room we got included Buffet Breakfast. We had our Breakfast around 830am. The food was good, selection was plentiful.

After breakfast we rested and checked out. After checking out I went to the Souvenir Shop located just outside the hotel. Got lovely tissue holders made of Capiz.

We then boarded a Jeepney to SM City. Then from there we boarded a Jeep that said PAVIA. The Driver was saying something in Ilonggo but I could not hear it, so EPC asked him and it turned out that he will still be going to the downtown area before proceeding to PAVIA. Since it was still early we just stayed put.

We reached PAVIA. And unfortunately their altar was being repaired. But the Church was just lovely. After taking pictures of the Church we took a Jeep to the Highway where we took a Jeep to the Sta Barbara Airport Termina.


  1. wow! road trip kung road trip! next time, you should go and check out the beaches too. :) the best ones are in Concepcion and Carles towns.

  2. thank you for featuring our cabatuan church. I hope u also visit our century old cemetery too. By the way,the airport is located in cabatuan area.tnx for visiting.ö


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