Iloilo Visita Iglesia – Jan 11-12,2012

We left the house at 657am (we were supposed to leave 630am but EPC was late), if there was no early check in we would be in trouble. At 727am we arrived at Naia 3 Parking. We had breakfast at Let’s Chow. Beef Mami and Spare Ribs Tausi Rice (P370). When we got to Gate 134 it was 805am. At 835am we got an announcement that our flight will be delayed to 10:05 am!!
We just went to Cinnabon to kill time. I got a Pecan Roll and Hot Choco while EPC got a brewed coffee (P285). Boarding finally commenced at 1025am and the plane took off at 1100am. Touchdown at 1152am.

We Boarded the Airport Shuttle after exiting (to reach the Airport Shuttle, upon exiting turn to your left all the way to the end of the airport where there are Vans and Shuttles). We then waited for a few minutes before the Shuttle left. Arrived at Sta Barbara Terminal after 10 mins (Shuttle Fare 10 each).

Our destination was Lambunao so we asked around and they told us to take a jeep to Janiuay and then take the Jeep to Lambunao or Calinog from there (you can also wait for the Jeep to Calinog or Lambunao). Jeep left at 12:20, fare was P20 each. We arrived at 1255 in Janiuay.
JANIUAY – CALINOG (Jeep/Fare P20.00)
Lambunao Church

We went to the Transport Terminal in Janiuay and there we Boarded the Jeep to Calinog. The Jeep left Janiuay at 1:02 pm. The fare to Lambunao was P20 each. We arrived in Lambunao at 1:25 pm. We then took a tricycle (P30 Round Trip) to the San Nicholas de Tolentino Parish Church. The Church was closed when we arrived. So I just took pictures of the Church Exterior.

LAMBUNAO – CALINOG (Bus/Fare P10.00)
We Boarded the bus at 1:40pm going to Calinog. The Fare was P10 each. We arrived at 1:55pm in Calinog. Went to the La Immaculada Concepcion Church (Which was also CLOSED!) After the Church we had Lunch at Karan An of Bulalo, Adobo and Batchoy, (P162 Bill).
CALINOG – PASSI (Jeep/Fare 18.00)
We walked to the Transport Terminal and boarded a Jeep to Passi (Fare was P18 each). The Jeep left at 245pm and arrived at 305pm in Passi.  The Jeep dropped us off at the back side of the Church. The San Guillermo Parish Church of Passi was OPEN! Finally a Church which was open. The garden at the side of the Church is very nice, very well maintained and there were statues of different saints.
Dingle Church
We took a Tricycle to Duenas at 3:20pm. (Fare was P60). Unfortunately the Saint Jerome Parish Church was also Closed. We then asked the Tricycle Driver to bring us to the Highway where we can catch a Bus to Dingle. We boarded the bus at 3:44PM to Dingle. Fare was P14 each. 

Dingle Museum
The conductor forgot to tell us where to go down. So we just went down the bus and took a tricycle to Dingle. The fare was P150. Dingle was quite far from Duenas so the fare was reasonable enough. We Visited the San Juan Bautista Church which was also Open. The Dingle Church is very much in need of funds for repair. The ceiling of the church needs much repair. By the looks of the ceiling, it is not the original anymore. Despite the obvious signs of neglect, the Church still retains its Old Charm. It must have been quite a sight when it was in its Glory.
 We took a tricycle to Pototan from Dingle, fare was at P90. This was at 4:20pm. We arrived in Pototan at 4:40pm. The Church of Pototan is quite new compared to the other churches we visited but it has its own charm and it enjoys a beautiful view from the Plaza. There was a mass going on when we arrived so i was not able to take a lot of pictures of this church.

After Pototan we took a tricycle at 450pm to Barotac Nuevo, the fare was at P120, we arrived at 5:15pm. The Church of Barotac Nuevo is in front of a HUGE Field. So many youths were playing soccer when we arrived, some members of the AZKALS come from this town so explains the soccer craze.

The sun had not yet set so it was still possible to take pictures so we we took a tricycle to Dumangas at 535pm, the fare was P140.00. We arrived in Dumangas at 5:50pm. The Church of Dumangas reminds me of the Church in PAVIA, but this one has a more neglected look. The inside was already dark so was not able to get pictures of the Altar.
At 6:00pm we walked to the Market Area and looked for a Tricycle that will take us the Seafood Restaurants of Dumangas. We took tricycle to the Seafood rests for P140. The way to the Restaurants was dark and looked like no cars were passing so we asked the driver if there were Taxis or Buses or Jeeps which will take us back to Iloilo City, here said there was Taxis but no jeepneys. The first Restaurant we saw was Elizabeths so we asked the driver to drop us off there. We ordered shrimp, kilaw, and a grilled fish which name i forgot, our bill just totalled 570.
We took a UV Express van to iloilo city at 7:05pm (fare 30 each) arrived La Paz at 735pm. We took a taxi to SM Delgado (fare 85) and then walked to Century 21 Hotel. The room we got had a rate of just 1050.
Woke up at 7:00AM the following day.  The Room we got had no FREE Breakfast.  We then took a taxi to Saint Clements Church in La Paz, the fare amounted to Pesos 54. 

After touring the Church, taking pictures we walked to the La Paz Market and had breakfast at Deco’s, we ordered the Batchoy, Pandesal and Puto. Our Bill totalled 165. We then took jeep to Leganes at 8:45am, fare was at P13 each. We arrived 9:15 in Leganes. Went to the Church and after a few minutes of picture taking we then boarded a jeep at 930 which was bound for Zarraga, fare was at P10 each. We arrived at 9:40am in Zarraga. The Church was closed when we arrived. We then Boarded a Bus (CERES) to Iloilo at 9:50am. Fare was P10 each. At the Terminal we Boarded a taxi 10:15 to SM Delgado, fare 152
 at Uncle Tom’s. Fried Chickenand Back Ribs, 267. Took taxi at 12:25 to Airport, P350.00 (The Taxi drivers we flagged down quoted a fare of P350-500 going to the Airport, P350 seems to be the average. So never go above this Rate). Arrived 1250.

We boarded at 3pm. Plane took off at 320pm. Arrived Manila 410pm


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