Mrs U's Sylvannas (Cebu)

The last time i was in Cebu i was looking for Mrs U Sylvannas but ended up with Nena Montenegro's Sylvannas (Tojong Street). This time i called up the number of Mrs U which was featured in Market Manila. The pick up place was in Banilad but when i told the girl i was talking to that i will be bringing it to Manila, she offered that they have it at the Island's Souvenirs in Mactan. I told the girl i was talking to that i will just buy it from there.

So i got my Sylvannas at Island Souvenirs. Priced at 230 for the big and 215 for the small size. 

When we got to the hotel i got a piece. But was not impressed. The Sylvannas had partially melted so i thought that that was the reason that i was not impressed. I just said to myself that i will just taste it again when we get home.

When we got home i placed the Sylvannas in the freezer. After few hours i tasted a piece. Still i was not impressed but it was better though. Still the best Sylvannas for me is the one from Sans Rival in Dumaguete but Mrs U's Sylvannas is also good, its not just crunchy like Sans Rival.


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