Hong Kong Eat Fresh (San Juan, MM)

The first time we ate at HK Eat fresh was a few years ago in their Original branch in QC. It was good news when they opened  just nearby.

We ordered their tausi spareribs claypot rice and chicken mushroom claypot rice. Also fishball and squidball.

The first to arrive was the fishball and squidball.

I tried all the sauces they had. Sweet, Sweet and Sour , Peanut and Spiced Vinegar. The only sauce i did not like was the peanut sauce. HK Eat Fresh's sweet sauce is not the same as the ones you can taste in the streets. Its a different kind of sweet more Chinese tasting compared to the street version which is Filipino.

Their Claypot Rice as usual were very filling and delicious. They now serve them in wooden pedestals. Just love their chicken with mushroom but dont like their chili sauce.


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