Canigao Island (Matalom, Southern Leyte)

Southern Leyte is often overlooked when one goes to Leyte but it boasts of Attractions which can rival the Attractions of well known provinces. One of those Attractions which Southern Leyte can boast of is Canigao Island which is located in Matalom.

How to Get to Canigao
1. From Tacloban's Daniel Romualdez Airport board a Jeepney or Taxi to Downtown. At downtown Tacloban go to Van Van's or go to Tacloban Terminal. Taxi will cost P250-300.
2. Board the Van going to Maasin City (Via BayBay). It will take 3.5 Hours to get to Matalom. The Van will stop at Baybay City for 20 Minutes before proceeding to Matalom / Maasin City.
3. Tell the Van Driver to drop you off at Matalom Plaza, Fare is P200.
4. At the Plaza the port going to Canigao is just nearby, it is just beside the Plaza. Just ask the Locals where it is.

Matalom Plaza, Port to Canigao is nearby. Just turn left and walk straight. 

5. At the port pay for the entrance Fee to Canigao P40 and P65 for the boat. There is a Minimum of 25 passengers needed for the Boat to proceed to the Island. If it is a weekday, the 25 Minimum might not be met but you have the option to wait for more passengers or pay for the entire boat (25 passengers x 65).
6. It will take just 20 minutes to get to Canigao Island.

The Port going to Canigao

Where to Sleep in Canigao
Fees for Canigao to be paid at Government Office at the Port.
1. Rooms - There are only 2 Rooms in Canigao. Both are very Basic but they do have their own Bathroom, there is no Shower. Only Container and Pail. Each room has 2 Double Decker beds with linen and pillows. There is an Electric Fan. Do Not Expect anything Fancy, the Room we got had damaged doors. P1500 for Overnight Stay. Check Out at 9am.

The Only 2 Rooms For Rent in the Whole Island, P1500

1 of 2 Double Deck Beds located inside the room

2. Tent - If you did not bring your own Tent you can rent. I am not sure if you will still need to pay for the space. P200
3. Cottage - You can also rent a cottage. These cottages are facing the beach. P500 or P700 for Overnight Stay.

Where to Eat in Canigao
There are NO Restaurants in Canigao. There are Small Stores which sell the basics like noodles, snacks, Canned Goods Etc. But there is a Market where you can buy FRESH Seafood at Very Cheap Prices and have them cooked for a Charge. Bring your own Containers, Plates and Utensils as they just make do with empty ice cream tubs as containers.

What To Do in Canigao
1. Sleep - the beach is always the perfect place for me to sleep. Get that needed rest while in Canigao.
2. Swim - Swim to your hearts content.
3. Play Volleyball 
4. Snorkel - Just bring your own Equipment
5. Explore the Island
6. Eat - Eat your hearts content as the prices are very cheap.


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