Co Nut Ink - Famous Coconut Ice Cream (Singapore)

Everytime i go to the Sentosa Beaches I always go to Co Nut Ink for some Delicious Coconut Ice Cream. They have a shop in Palawan Beach and at Tanjong Beach. They also have other stalls or shops in Singapore.

You can choose from the 1. Classic (SGD5.50), 2. Premium Nuts and Fruits (SGD6.50) or 3. Premium Dessert (SGD 6.80). All Coconut Ice Cream are served in Husk and comes with a Cup of Coconut Water.

Premium Dessert SGD6.80, Coconut Ice Cream in Husk topped with Red Ruby

Classic SGD5.50, Coconut Ice Cream in Husk Topped with Roasted Peanuts


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