Punta Bulata Resort & Spa: Relaxing and Secluded Resort in Cauayan, Negros Occidental

How To Get There: The Punta Bulata Resort and Spa is located 170 plus Km from Bacolod City. It is a 3 hour trip by private car (you can rent a car at the airport or just ask the resort to pick you up) and a 5-6 hour trip by public transportation. If taking private transportation you will need to transfer to a tricycle to get you to the resort. From where you will go down it is 3km of Unpaved roads.

Check In At The Resort: Check In was Fast and Efficient. The Check In Ladies Suzette and Jimilla are both very friendly and warm.

The Room: The Room i got was the Beach Bungalow. This is a Stand Alone Building located at the Beach Front and just beside the restaurant. It is a Big Bungalow that has its own Screened terrace. the Bedroom is Big, first time to experience wherein the bed is on a raised platform. According to my friend it was the same way they slept in the province when they were small. The room is airconditioned, has 2 beds (a queen size and singe size bed), a Cabinet for clothes and a 24Inch LED TV with Cable. The room has no ref or Tea/Coffee making facilities making it the 2nd cheapest room at the resort but the best for me. The Bathroom meanwhile is Huge. Toilet has a bidet, there is a Hot and Cold Shower. Toiletries like Lotio, Shampoo, Soap and Toothbrush are provided. If you want to experience a Rustic sleeping accomodation then this is the one for you.

Dining Table of Beach Bungalow

The Other Rooms: I got the chance to see the other rooms at Punta Bulata. The Hillside and Beach Casitas (The Most Expensive Rooms) are located a bit further away. They are more secluded and not good if you have persons who have a hard time walking in your group. The beach Cabana meanwhile is beachfront too and located beside the Restaurant also. I was supposed to upgrade to this but the additional payment for upgrading was a lot so just decided to stick with the Bungalow.

What To Do at Punta Bulata: There is a swimming pool located in front of the main building. They also have a Sauna but unfortunately it was under repair when i went there. They also have kayaks and i think scuba diving gear. They also have a Beach Volleyball Court located near the Casitas. In the afternoon you can just sit by the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Wifi and Mobile Signal: The Resort has Wifi but it is Slow (As expected in these remote and secluded areas). Mobile signal for Smart is Virtually Non Existent but you can sometimes connect. They say Globe is the one with the best signal at the resort.

Other things to Do: A Stay at Punta Bulata would not be complete without booking a Tour to Danjugan Island. A Beautiful Island 20 minutes away by boat. The boat will just pick you up at the beach front, no need to go to another area.

Food: The food at the resort was good. The price was affordable too. But when ordering do order in Advance, like 1 hour or more in Advance so that you will not have to wait for a long time. If you order their Lechon Manok place your order even longer.

Service: The Staff at Punta Bulata were all Friendly and Warm. Just  do not expect so much as this is not a 5star Resort wherein Staff are highly trained.


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