Sto Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum (Tacloban, Leyte)

The Sto Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum was built by Former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos. The First floor is where the Chapel is located and on the sides are rooms made from native materials. And each room has a corresponding name. On the 2nd floor is where you will be wowed. The collection of Imelda is here (Part of it) Expensive Antiques, Artworks, Ivories (There is a whole Glass Case filled with Ivory Carvings), Russian Icons fill every nook and cranny of the 2nd floor.

The Sto Nino Shrine during its heydey was probably amazing to look at, now there are obvious signs of neglect, but despite this it still does not fail to amaze. Mrs Marcos use of native materials is ingenious. It is a true showcase of how artistic the Filipinos are. I hope that the Agency in charge of the Museum will do its best to preserve the Museum.

Being a Lover of Antiques and Art, this was the highlight of our Tacloban Trip. It made my trip to Leyte worth it!

Paintings by Mauro Malang Santos can be found everywhere. And the size of the Malang Paintings are not Small. Those paintings now run into the Millions. There are also 2 Glass Cabinets which contain very intricate and very beautiful Ivory pieces.

Facade of the Sto Nino Shrine

This is wall panel covered with hand made/ hand sewn cloth from the house of Pitoy Moreno

One of the Beds of the Marcos Children

Coconut Tree carved from a whole Narra Tree

Fountain made entirely of Philippine Shells

Family Tree of Mrs Marcos by Betsy Brias Westendorp

Mrs Marcos rising from the Sea by Betsy Brias Westendorp

Chinese Divider depicting the 4 Seasons

Antique Escritorio

Carved Hardwood of si Malakas at si Maganda


  1. What I would love to do is try to use these things in the museum for a day (haha!). Sounds impossible. :D ~Cagayan de Oro rafting


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