Padre Garcia Livestock Market

Padre Garcia Town

The Entrance to the Livestock Market

Our Carabao, 7 Year Old Female from Albay

Inside the Livestock Market

Around 3AM, we arrived at the Padre Garcia Livestock Market in Padre Garcia town in Batangas. There are already a lot of people. We were immediately welcomed by a Batangeno who asked us what we were looking for. We were looking for a Carabao since our Carabao at the Farm (Marimar and Sabina) drowned during the Storm Ondoy as claimed by the Ex Caretaker LD. We were brought inside the Livestock Market to look at the Carabaos. Our Caretaker Manong VL looked at the Carabaos since he was the one who knew about Carabaos. I knew nothing about Carabaos so i just waited for Manong LV's verdict. Manong LV together with L and M looked at the Carabaos offered for sale. Finally we decided on a 7 Year Old Female Carabao which came all the way from Albay!! We paid P36,000.00 for the Carabao. I do not know if it was expensive or not, since the people there know that we were not from the area. And also we looked different too. We then rented a Truck for P3,500 to bring the Carabao all the way to Tanay.

It was my first time to experience a Live Stock auction. Next time, We should come better prepared. Know the current prices of Carabaos as well as get a truck beforehand as to save time. I think it will not be my last time in a Live Stock Market, i believe there will be many more trips to Padre Garcia in the future.

The Padre Garcia Livestock Market is located in Padre Garcia Town in Batangas. To get to we took the SLEX then exited at Batangas then took the STAR HighWay and exited at Ibaan Town. Then straight to Padre Garcia. Aside from Carabaos, Goats, Horses, Cows, Chickens can be bought here. Sellers from all over Luzon come here. The Livestock Auction is held every late Thursday Night till morning of Friday. Even if you will not buy Livestock, to experience it is something else.


  1. Hello sir,

    I am from Lipa City and am interested in procuring in Padre Garcia some day. It's 1 jeepney ride away.

    How is the carabao doing?



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