Late Lunch at Bulawan

Just came from Bulawan Restaurant. Food as usual was the best. This time we tried the beef kaldereta, it had a note beside it which said "subukan niyo" so we ordered it. We also ordered pritong dalag, chili garlic shrimp, inihaw na talong and a pitcher of buko juice to gulp all the food down. I was supposed to order the Lapu-Lapu with Leeks and Ginger but the Waiter advised us that it will take some time and that the LapuLapu was frozen. The beef kaldereta was a surprise, it was delicious! It even had Olives, something which you wont see usually in Kaldereta served in Restaurants. The added cheese to the kaldereta also added some kick. Yum Yum!


  1. yum... i love kaldereta with olives. this post made me crave for it!

  2. I agree with you. Olives gives Kaldereta that added flavor.

  3. I'm an olive freak myself! And always have a bottle of virgin olive oil at home. But since I don't eat beef and pork, I have had to learn how to adjust Pinoy recipes. I now use tofu instead of beef in my kaldereta. It's super yummy to a semi-veggy like me!

  4. We should use Virgin Olive Oil more. Read somewhere that it is good for the heart.


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