Banaue-Sagada Trip

We went on a Banaue-Sagada Trip way back in 2007. It was only recently when I was able to find the pictures of that trip (I thought I had lost all the pictures). Our trip was from February 7-10,2007. And it was an adventure of a lifetime. I hope I can go back to Banaue and Sagada soon.

The very famous Rice Terraces of Batad

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada. This is where they place their dead instead of in cemeteries.

The Yoghurt House in Sagada

Where to Stay
In Banaue the BEST Place to stay is the Banaue Hotel. That is if you want the most comfortable stay in Banaue. Their rooms are huge here, complete amenities. There is also a pool, but it was too cold when we went there so did not bother at all about swimming. Food at the Restaurant at Banaue Hotel is Delicious! Cannot forget their Kaldereta at the Buffet Dinner we had. I think i went back 4-5x for this dish.


  1. this post made me miss sagada so much:( one of my fave spots in pinas!

  2. I miss Sagada too. Can't wait to go back there again!!


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