Buddy's (Lucban, Quezon)

Buddy's has become one of my favorite places to eat whenever we go to Lucban. The Pancit Lucban is never absent from our Order. 

I am not a Pancit Person, Pancit has never been on my list of Food which I like to eat. The Pancit Lucban is an exception though. The noodles in my opinion is unique to Lucban. It makes the Pancit Lucban stand out from other pancit. The addition of Onions and Pork meat also add to its appeal to me.

The Pancit Lucban served at Buddy's is very delicious. The addition of Suka to the pancit adds a different twist to the Pancit. Partner it with their Pizza and you come up with a Filling Merienda.

Buddy's is located infront of the Town Plaza.

Pancit Lucban

Regular Pizza from Buddy's


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