Sixto Castelo Lopez Ancestral Housen (Casa Grande) @ Balayan, Batangas

I noticed this house on our way to Balayan Church. It is an imposing house so it will be impossible not to notice it. Upon closer inspection I found a Marker indicating that it was the house of Don Sixto Castelo Lopez. 

Don Sixto Castelo Lopez was a Revolutionary Propagandist and a friend of Dr Jose Rizal. They were classmates at the Ateneo de Manila. Sixto Lopez was one of the richest men in Balayan, he owned vast tracts of land in Batangas. Socialites Diana Jean Lopez and Marybeth Lopez de Leon are grandchildren of Don Sixto. Famous Model and Socialite Claudia Bermudez and Congresswoman of Tarlac Nikki Prieto Teodoro are Great Grand Children of Don Sixto.


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