Gaston Mansion @ Hacienda Sta Rosalia, Manapla, Negros Occidental

The Gaston Mansion in Hacienda Sta Rosalia located in Manapla was used as the Mansion of the Lorenzo's and referred to as Hacienda Lorenzo in the 1980's Film, Oro Plata Mata.

The Gaston Mansion is not as opulent and ostentatious as the other Ancestral Houses in Silay or Talisay Cities. The rooms are small compared to the other Mansions in Silay or Talisay. It definitely was a Countryhome for the Gaston's.


Facade of the Gaston Mansion at Hacienda Sta Rosalia

Eversince I saw this Mansion in Oro Plata Mata i was intrigued as to where this Mansion was. I was in luck as it was in the list of Tours Offered by Next Stop Negros. Price for the tours is P2000 a Person, this includes a Buffet Lunch inside the Mansion and served in the Dining Room of the Gastons. It is P1500 a person if you have your own transportation. Aside the tour of the hacienda, you will also be brought to the different Ancestral Houses which are open to the Public in Silay and Talisay Cities.
The Buffet Lunch, Haciendero Style

The Buffet we had at the Hacienda was an unforgettable Experience. You will be served by Servants of the Gaston Family as if you were a Haciendero.

The dishes served are from Heirloom recipes of the Gaston Family. My favorite dish was the Adobong Milyonaryo. Dry Style Pork Adobo which i prefer. 

Dining Table of the Gaston Family

My Favorite Dish of all the Dishes which were served, Adobong Milyonaryo.
Dry Style Adobo which I prefer

Pana Cotta for Dessert! Delicious


Swimming Pool of the Gaston's. This was used as a hiding place during WW2.

Stairs going up to the 2nd Floor. Made of Philippine Hardwood.

Bedroom of the Gaston Children

Library/Study. This Room is closed. But you can see it from the opening at the stairs.

This is at the entrance of the Mansion.
They used Spanish Tiles for the floors.

An old Telephone used by the Gaston's.

This is at the side of the entrance, This is where the carriages or karwahes pass thru.


  1. hi there pinoy biyahero! i've been reading your entries and thank you for all the infos, it helped me a lot in my own the way, regarding the gaston mansion, do they accept walk-in tourists who did not avail of the tour package or do we really have to avail it? thank you so much! enjoy your travels!

  2. Hi, I think they do not accept walk ins. You really need to get the tour from the agency. They do this as they really want to keep the experience very private. Just google Next Stop Negros if you are interested in the tour.

  3. oh, that's sad because we're really on a tight budget... how about the chapel of the cartwheels? can we go there even without availing of the package? thanks so much!:)

  4. The Chapel of the Cart Wheels is open to everybody. You can go there to look at it. They hold mass there every sunday also.

  5. thanks! i will go to manapla and try to get inside the mansion (if they even allow me)... with regard to the chapel, i would definitely go! thanks again pinoybyahero! such a big help:)


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