Benga's Eatery (Paete, Laguna)

Last week we went to Paete to finally (After almost 5 years ) pick up the wooden posts i had carved by Paete Sculptor, Dr Fermin Madridejos.

We were supposed to eat at Capati Kainan but when we arrived at Capati's it was closed! We ended up at Benga's again.

When we arrived at Benga's it was dark. Good thing it was not a hot day or it would probably have been like a sauna at Benga's. I placed my order with the boy (who seemed like he was undergoing puberty based on his changing voice) who was at the counter, i ordered their Crispy Pata and Ampalaya con Carne plus Rice.

While waiting for the food i went to the Church of Paete to take some pictures. 

When i returned to Benga's the food was not yet there. After a few more minutes the food arrived.

The Crispy pata was Crispy and it tasted good but if you dig deeper to the meat, it was still cold.

The Ampalaya was just okay. Though The Ampalaya was just half cooked, perfect to get all the nutrients of Ampalaya.

Overall it was a SoSo Lunch. Will have to find other places to eat in Paete next time.


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