IHOP (New Century Mall, Makati)

Yesterday, after Mama's Accupuncture at Intercare, we went to the much celebrated IHOP. I have read so much news about this, there was even a time that there was a long line to get a table at IHOP.

Anyway, after we were shown to our seats we were given something like 3 Sets of Menu. A breakfast menu, their regular menu and another menu showing steaks.

My choice originally was the fried chicken dinner but the waiter said it was out of stock so we just got the countryfried steak and Mama got the Strawberry Crepe.

After a few minutes of waiting our order arrived.

As we sampled the food, my sister said that the food was not that good. At first i really did not agree with her but as i consumed the countryfried steak it was then i realized that the food was not that trully great. It was all hype, but the food is  not bad, there is just nothing special about it.

The strawberry crepe is a disappointment. The use of canned or frozen strawberries is a big turn off. There are many sources of strawberries nowadays and using fresh is always best.

IHOP is located at the New Century Mall. 1st Level.


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