Herb Republic ~ Certified Organic Food (Los Banos, Laguna)

Last Thursday we had a different kind of lunch, an Organic One and my first taste of Organic Cooking.
The entrance to Herb Republic is via a Wooden Archway and it will lead you to a Green and Native inspired Dining Area. There are different choices of dining areas to choose from, there are the Native Huts at the back side, the regular dining area on the right side, and another dining area on the left side.

We started off with the French Onion Soup. Then the Roasted Rose Mary Chicken, Crispy Spinach and Crispy Pata. We ordered Lemon Grass Drink to gulp it all down.

The French Onion Soup tasted different from the French Onion Soup’s I am used to. It was not as creamy as the regular french Onion Soup and there was no taste of Onions or hint of Onion.
The Roasted Rose Mary Chicken meanwhile lacked that juiciness and flavor I was expecting of a Roasted Rose Mary Chicken. Even with the 3 Dips provided it still lacked flavor. The Crispy Pata meanwhile was okay, but the meat wasnt juicy like other Crispy Pata’s i have tasted.

Service was Excellent, this is one part wherein they are tops. Food here is geared towards the health conscious. Obviously I am not health conscious so i really look for flavor in what i eat. I need those salty and sweet flavor plus spiciness. If you are looking for something healthy, and you really want to be assured that what you are eating is organic then Herb Republic is the restaurant for you.

At the back, you will find a Herb Garden. This is where they get their herbs for the food they serve.

Herb Republic is located along the Nati0nal Highway (Left side) going to Bay. It is just before Mer Nells (The new one).


  1. too bad the food didn't satisfy, the presentation's gastro appealing to me. i don't mind dining here though. the name herb republic sounds catchy :) thanks for sharing this :)

  2. The presentation is definitely appealing. they have a lot of other dishes so there is definitely something there which will satisfy. But for the health conscious, this restaurant should definitely be on their list. They use all organic ingredients, so you are sure that what you are eating were not sprayed with chemicals.


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