Mindoro Island Trip via RoRo Day 1

Our Destination: San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
Mode of Transport:Toyota HiLux and RoRo
Entry Pier: Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro
Exit Pier: Calapan, Oriental Mindoro
I had been planning on trying the RORO for several years now, this year I had the chance so better to grab it while I can.
Day 1 December 2, 2010
We left the house at 240am. It was a smooth drive until we encountered some traffic at SLEX just before Sucat. The workers on the Skyway had turned the Highway into just 1 lane. Anyway after around 20 minutes of turtle paced movement it was back to 100 kmh speed. Danaya (our GPS) estimated arrival Batangas Pier at 420am, but she recalculated it to 439am because of the slow pace and finally 435am. Our first Toll amounted to P87. At 4am we were at the STAR Tollway. We paid P60 when we exited Star Tollway.
The MV Gloria (Montenegro Lines) which will take us to 
Abra de Ilog, Mindoro Occidental
We arrived at Batangas Pier at 435am. We paid 60 pesos at Gate 2 then Arrastre of 129. The Roro was scheduled to leave at 6am so we had to wait at the parking lot. At 550am we were ushered to the RoRo (Montenegro Lines MV Gloria). We paid 1872.00 for the PickUp. The price already included the passengers fare. I was expecting that they will ask for the Registration papers of the PickUp but they did not. Taking the RORO was super easy and I thought it would be a hassle.
The RORO left at 610am. The Roro has 3 levels, the first level is where the cars are parked (there were only 5 vehicles parked). The 2nd and 3rd are for passengers (the RoRo did not look like it was 25 percent full). Bring books, magazines, newspapers, anything to kill time as the trip will take 2 hours to get to Abra de Ilog.
We arrived Abra de Ilog at 840am then proceeded to Mamburao.
An Island seen from Presing Park in Sablayan
We arrived at Mamburao 912am. Stop over at La Gensol for breakfast (breakfast not good here, the Bangus was already old). Resumed trip 940am for San Jose. At 12 we arrived at Sablayan, we went to look at Presing Park. I saw a very old canon, and the year 1500 was painted on it, so i guess this is  when the canon was made. There are also spectacular views from here and you will get to see an Island with white sand from here.  After a few minutes of looking around we continued our trip to San Jose.
Arrived at San Jose 220pm. We got lost looking for Sikatuna Beach Hotel, good thing J called me up. When we reached the Hotel we waited for a few minutes for Lunch. Lunch was delicious, Sinigang na Hipon, Crispy Pata and Sizzling Tanigue. We then went to our rooms for a much needed rest.
We stayed at the Hotel the whole day. 8PM was dinner time at the hotel, there was an over abundance of food. Halabos na Hipon, Crabs, Chicharon Bulaklak, Samaral were in abundance, I was Full. We retired to our rooms 10PM.

A Very Very Old Canon at Presing Park, Sablayan since 1500s

Beach in front of Sikatuna Beach Hotel, Mindoro Occidental

Gardens of Sikatuna Beach Hotel

Garden Side Rooms at Sikatuna Beach Hotel

Route Taken: Abra De Ilog – Mamburao – Sta Cruz – Sablayan – Calintaan – Rizal – San Jose
The roads from Abra de Ilog to San Jose are mostly unpaved roads. An ordinary Car will never make it, if it will make the trip it will probably take such a snail’s pace that a day might pass. I guess, 90% of roads were unpaved. The Road from Rizal to San Jose is Paved, thanks for that.


  1. Very nice place indeed from Abra to San Jose.
    The only thing that hinders the development of this town is very basic that even the author noticed it.. Paved Roads..
    Politicians at this province were all blind.. Sato..Villaroza..Mendiola..Medalla,,Quintos.. They are all corrupt in their own ways.. Pity for the people of this land.. I hope the NPA never worked for the Villaroza.. so that they can imply justice in this land.. the government.. tskk. another waste of your time.. Do it by your own.. I love the place where I was born but I hate the people running the government there..CORRUPT...


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