The Lotus Garden Hotel (Puerto Princesa, Palawan)

When i was looking for a Hotel in Puerto Princesa i was looking for a Hotel close to the Airport. Lotus Garden was close and i was surprised at the Very Low Rate in Agoda. I booked the hotel for 2 nights.

I never got to read the reviews, only after i booked the hotel. The reviews were mixed, some gave it excellent reviews and some some really bad reviews.

I was already looking for an alternate place to stay. But i said to myself that i have stayed in much worse rooms so it will be nothing new.

On the day we arrived at Lotus Garden we were greeted by a smiling face. I gave her my Agoda Voucher and she told us to sit first. She also told us to have coffee first while they prepare the room. It was a good sign. 

The hotel compound is rather small, only a few rooms but it was charming. The presence of Lotus ponds gave it an exotic also had a tree house which added more to its charm.

While having our coffee another lady approached us. She will be preparing the room first and we said okay (it was just 930am). After a few minutes she approached us to say the room is okay. She led us to our room and mentioned about the Cable TV Problem and that they will fix it later.

The room was very nice. It did not smell of mold or was smelly. There was a big tv, full body mirror, sofa.

The outdoor toilet & bathroom was unique and lovely. I really liked it plus there was a bidet!  It had no net over so mosquitoes were really bound to appear but it was no problem for me. The fixtures did need some care as said in another review as the sink already had some rust and the heater (located under the sink) did not seem to work.

The bed was comfortable plus 4 pillows were provided. A hygiene kit was provided, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste.

The Cable TV was not working properly. There were only 3 channels and all were not clear.

Though Mosquitoes were cited as a problem by other reviewers it wasnt much of a problem really. I came prepared too as i brought Insect Repellent lotion with me.

For Breakfast we availed of the upgrade since the free breakfast just consisted of bread and fruits. Upgrade was just 50 pesos and we got rice, corned beef, lamuyo, 2 eggs and fruits.

Overall it was a wonderful stay. The service was friendly and efficient. At the price i got my room for who am i to complain. 


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