Tim Ho Wan (Megamall, Mandsluyong)

Yesterday Afternoon we went to Megamall to buy a Clothes Dryer at SM Appliance and when we passed by Tim Ho Wan there was no line so after buying the dryer we decided to eat there.

We informed the girl who was taking seat reservations that we were 3. She told us to wait. In a few minutes she asked us if we were complete. We said yes and asked the reason for this. She said they will only give the table to those physically present and if there was someone not present then you will have to wait for that person.

Tim Ho Wan Megamall Branch

Anyway, we were seated and menus were already on the table (their placemat is the menu) and a checklist & pencil was there where we will put our order.

We got the following:

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork - Delicious hot buns with very tasty BBQ Pork filling. A definite must order.

Prawn Dumpling - very fresh tasting prawns. Delicious. Another must order.

Beef Ball with Bean Curd Skin - though it was good. I am not really a fan of beef ball.

Rice with Chicken Sausage and Mushroom - it was good but somehow i like the taste of Le Ching's Chicken Rice better than this. Or probably because the rice was not dry?

Pork Ribs Rice - again it was good but somehow did not really enjoy it like the chicken rice.

Tim Ho Wan serves good food but somehow my taste buds are not that comfortable with their food. If i would have to line up to get a table, forget it as there are other Dimsum Places you can go to without having to line up for a table. BTW, i do not like the Chilli Sauce of Tim Ho Wan. It just doesn't go well with Dim-sum for me.

Anyway, that is my opinion and we all do have different taste buds.


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