Pat Pat's Kansi (Makati)

For today's lunch we went to Pat Pat's Kansi. The last time we ate at Pat Pat's was probably 4 years ago. I could not remember anymore how their food tasted.

Upon entering the Restaurant, their waitress greeted us and gave us their menu.

We ordered their Bulalo, Grilled Pork Belly, Grilled Squid and leche flan. Our order arrived after a few minutes. The first to arrive was the Bulalo (Kansi). It was a Humungous bone in a small bowl. It was delicious! There were some meat at the bottom but not too much. So that was why the table beside us also ordered a bowl of laman.

Next was the Grilled Pork Belly. I thought that it was kinda expensive for such a small portion but when i tasted it. It was delicious!

The grilled squid was equally delicious too, it was cooked right. Though i do find it quite expensive at 240 pesos.

The leche flan meanwhile was quite forgettable. It wasnt as fine tasting as the usual leche flan i usually like.

Anyway, it was a delicious lunch which i really enjoyed. Will definitely be back again.

Pat Pat's is located along Sampaloc Street. Near the corner of Kamagong. Beside Metrobank in San Antonio Village, Makati.


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