Rumah Sate at Ketchup Community (Baguio City)

On Our Last night in Baguio City we went to the Ketchup Community for Dinner.  There were no more parking spaces when we arrived but there was an available space in front of Pizza Volante.

When we arrived at Ketchup, the place was teeming with People. We went to Canto but there was a line of people waiting to be seated so we went to the nearest food place which was Rumah Sate and there was a table available.

We ordered their Meat Group Sate (P999.00) which was a complete meal and included drinks. We also ordered a Bowl of Laksa to go with it.

Our order arrived in 10 minutes more or less. Our order the Meat Group Sate looked very impressive. It had a Rice tower in the Middle covered with a Banana Leaf cone. it had grilled meats like chicken and pork plus Pork Satay.

I really liked the food at Rumah Sate and will definitely be back if we go back to Baguio. Service was very good too.

The Ketchup Community is a Collection of Food Stalls. You can sit in one of the Restos and order from another Resto and have your order brought to where you are seated.


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